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All The Hidden References In Lisa’s New Single “Rockstar”

The Blackpink singer manages to sneak in a handful of personal deets.

by Carson Mlnarik

It’s been nearly three years since Lisa’s last solo release, but as her flex-heavy new single boasts, she’s still a “Rockstar.”

After teasing a comeback on social media (and setting a Guinness World Record for fastest TikTok account to reach 1 million followers in the process), the Blackpink rapper returns more confident than ever. On the surface, the thumping, futuristic track may feel like another self-assured and empowering ode to global fame. However, a closer read of its bold lyrics reveal that this isn’t just any celeb-status anthem; it’s uniquely Lisa.

From the edgy tune’s start, the 27-year-old rapper and singer makes big moves. “Gold teeth sittin’ on the dash, she a rockstar / Make your favorite singer wanna rap, baby, la, la,” its opening lyrics brag. It reads as a subtle nod to her 2021 debut album Lalisa (a reference to her full name) and an acknowledgement of who she is under a newfound rockstar aesthetic. In the next line, she flexes her multilingual skills to mimic those not on her level, asking, “Lisa, can you teach me Japanese?”

Even though the hip-hop-leaning track is in English, the Thai native also plants a handful of references to her home country. In the pre-chorus, she shouts out BKK — an abbreviation for Bangkok’s airport and the city where she filmed the tune’s hypnotizing visual. (Lisa and her team reportedly shut down Chinatown for three nights, parading through the empty streets from 2 to 5 a.m. and literally stopping traffic.) In neon lights, the video showcases her masterful choreography and an array of outfits, including a star-shaped crop top paired with a matching grill, and an intergalactic long-sleeve coupled with baggy pants.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an authentic Lisa song without a tribute to high fashion. In this case, The “Money” singer raps, “Tight dress, LV sent it” months after sporting an archival look to a fashion show celebrating Nicolas Ghesquière’s 10th year at the house. But even with all the braggadocio and status, she still manages to seemingly sneak in a Blackpink reference, evoking “Kill This Love” as she warns, “They call me catch and kill.”

Lisa has yet to announce a follow-up to the daring single, but if its self-referential lyrics are any indicator, the soon-to-be White Lotus star has not forgotten where she came from as she reaches legend status.