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The Veronicas’ “Detox” & 9 Other New Songs Out This Week

Reneé Rapp and Megan Thee Stallion channel Regina George, Playboi Carti drops a new voice, and more.

“Not My Fault” - Reneé Rapp, Megan Thee Stallion

If you also thought it was weird the Mean Girls trailer didn’t feature any music (considering it’s supposed to be a musical), then you’ll be glad to hear the first song from its soundtrack is a perfect Regina George track.

“Detox” - The Veronicas

It’s 2009 and we’re raging to The Veronicas again — except now it’s to their full-throttle new track “Detox.”

“Jealous Ass Bitch” - K Carbon, Gloss Up, Slimeroni, Aleza, GloRilla

This clique of rapping besties based out of Memphis has been on a spree dropping playful collab after collab — and their latest is a chilly message to their haters.

“A Room Up In The Sky” - Eyedress, The Marías

Eyedress and The Marías’ “A Room Up In The Sky” lives up to its name: airy, light, and full of wonder.

“2024” - Playboi Carti

A new Carti voice just dropped on his latest, very anticipated single — one that actually meets the level of the hype with jittery production courtesy of Kanye West.

“Affection” - Kllo

The Melbourne-based cousins Kllo, who made one of NYLON’s top albums of 2020, are back with a song that feels like a warm embrace after three years of silence.

“B.I.L.L.S.” - Towa Bird

“I’m so tired of the B.I.L.L.S,” sings Los Angeles-based rocker Towa Bird on her blazing new song that’s as fun as its critique on American capitalism is sharp.

“Baby You’re A Star” - Loukeman

“Baby you’re a star,” praises a discombobulating voice on London artist Loukeman’s new song that otherwise sounds like a sweet, folky ditty.

“Heaven” - Softcult

Shoegaze is back in a real way among Gen Z, and Canadian twins Softcult are merging their take on the genre with fiery, feminist lyrics.

“Willows” - Black Polish

The wide-eyed storytelling on Black Polish’s guitar-plucked tune “Willow” reminds me of something I’d hear on a Hunger Games or Twilight soundtrack — which is a compliment.

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