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Lori Harvey Channels ‘90s Cyber Raver As Instagram’s First Zine Cover Star

Plus, find out about rising trends like “New Romantics” and “Hyper Reality.”

Instagram has undoubtedly evolved over the years, from its early days as a simple photo-sharing app to a mood board for just about any and every topic under the sun. Now, it seems that the multihyphenate platform took notes, marking a new era as one of the major social media sites to define the latest and biggest trends in fashion.

After launching the first issue of its very own magazine, titled The Zine, in 2021, Instagram recently released its third issue, this time tapping into “It” girl, model, and skincare line founder Lori Harvey to be its first-ever official cover star.

Lensed by Los Angeles-based photographer Coughs, the 25-year-old was captured in a number of fashion-forward ensembles, from oversized fuzzy hats and fishnets to head-to-toe bling and micro-mini silhouettes. The looks were completed with the help of makeup artist Leo Chaparro, nail artist Sojn Oh, hairstylist Joey George, and fashion stylist Chris Horan. “I’m honored to be a part of this launch as The Zine’s first cover star ✨,” the model wrote on Instagram.

Harvey also uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot, adding, “I had so much fun shooting this, the energy on set was amazing and the team was incredible! Thank you guys so much for having me be a part of this launch with you 🤍.”

Launching twice a year, Instagram’s The Zine uncovers upcoming and niche forms of self-expression and visual aesthetics trending online, all while spotlighting young and emerging creators, designers, personalities, and brands that challenge the norm. The latest 24-page issue, creative directed by the agency SUN-NY SIDE UP, tackles a range of topics, featuring a deep dive into emerging fashion and beauty trends, like knitwear evolution, upcycled pieces, romantic aesthetics, maximalist hairstyles, and 3D nail art, just to name a few.

“I love the platform that Instagram is creating for upcoming creatives,” Lori Harvey exclusively tells NYLON. “By showcasing new styles and trends they are giving space for new talent to thrive. I’m honored to be part of this launch as The Zine’s first cover star!”

Courtesy of Instagram/Coughs
Courtesy of Instagram/Coughs
Courtesy of Instagram/Coughs

You can now read through the full issue via Instagram but in the meantime, get a sneak peek of Lori Harvey in Instagram’s The Zine, plus a couple of highlighted Spring 2022 trends in the latest issue, ahead.

Spring 2022 Fashion Trend: ‘90s Cyber Raver

Inspired by the revival of early-aughts fashion trends and the digital movement, the ‘90s Cyber Raver is on the rise, according to Instagram, with cover star Harvey herself taking on the look. Whether on or offline, we can expect to see eccentric fashion pieces featuring metallics and trippy prints, as well as low-rise bottoms and itty-bitty silhouettes.

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Spring 2022 Fashion Trend: New Romantics

When it comes to romantic aesthetics, think: coquette, balletcore, regencycore, and more. With pieces often taking inspiration from the Renaissance and a number of other past eras, “New Romantics” embodies a sense of self-love and indulgence in a stylish way. Heart-shaped accessories and lace dresses remain fan-favorites for those that partake in the new-age romantic style, plus fluffy tulle gowns, embroidered stockings, and so much more.

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Spring 2022 Fashion Trend: Hyper Reality

Though we’re seeing a slew of throwback trends popping up on our feeds as of late, the era of futuristic fashion is finally upon us. “Hyper Reality” is an aesthetic that is all about channeling your dream avatar, and inspired by Japanese street style, video games, techno raves, and military-inspired silhouettes. The influence of the metaverse is also evident with this trend, and you can often see it come to life through monochromatic layered looks, for instance.

Courtesy of Instagram/Coughs

Disclosure: Instagram provided travel and accommodations to attend and cover its Zine launch.