Courtesy of Mowalola


Mowalola And Blobb Collaborated On A Logo Chunky Ring

And it’s almost sold out.

Just when you thought you couldn’t have any more chunky, plastic rings for your jewelry collection, a cool (and unexpected) collaboration between Mowalola and Blobb drops for you to add to your online cart. But you better move fast — this “Gummy” ring style is almost sold out.

The brands behind this partnership happen to be two of our favorite indie brands right now. Self-proclaimed “Drip Gawd” Mowalola Ogunlesi’s designs have been spotted on Kim Kardashian, and she’s currently the design director for Yeezy’s upcoming Gap line. Meanwhile, Blobb’s founder Sofia Elias built a loyal following for her colorful, DIY-aesthetic rings well before the chunky accessory trend took over our hand selfies.

“I started experimenting with materials more than two years ago and it has become a trend, way bigger than I ever imagined,” Elias tells NYLON. “So many different variations and inspirations have come from Blobb; it’s amazing to see that it’s still going on.”

One of Elias’ fans happened to be Ogunlesi herself. As she DMed Elias to buy some Blobb rings, the idea of collaborating naturally came up. Fast-forward five months — and several ideas, material tests, and color combinations later — and the two decided on a final design to offer up to customers.

Sofia Elias working on the Mowalola x Blobb "Gummy" ring.Courtesy of Blobb

“I love the bright colors she uses, and they're very similar to mine, so I thought it made so much sense to work together,” recalls Elias. “The ‘M’ of her logo looks a little bit like a Blobb, so the idea went from there. We decided for each ring to have the ‘M’ logo on it, but to keep the main ideas that define a Blobb — the chunkiness, color, and that each one is different.” Indeed, half of the ring offerings are solid or embedded with crystals, and each embellishment is uniquely personal to the wearer, from the amount of crystals used to the sizing and placement.

The Mowalola x Blobb “Gummy” ring is available on Mowalola’s website now in five different colors for £65 (about $90).