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TikToker Nailea Devora Has An Outfit Idea For Every Occasion

The TikTok star spoke with NYLON about her fashion inspiration and dressed us in Hollister, too.

You can’t talk about early-aughts fashion without mentioning Hollister. The Cali-inspired brand reigned supreme during a time when teens loyally wore logo V-neck tops and low-rise bootcut jeans. In the past few years, the brand has made a complete transformation all while keeping its signature basics and quality denim at the forefront.

Today’s influencers and celebrities have since worked with Hollister, from Black-ish actress Marsai Martin and sister duo Dixie and Charli D’Amelio to, most recently, TikToker Nailea Devora. Hailing from El Paso, Texas, the 19-year-old internet star has evolved into this generation's “It” girl. Known for her overly-relatable content with a combined social media following of more than 14 million, Devora is now taking over the fashion scene, from the front row at Paris Fashion Week to starring in a short film and now, the Mexican-American creator is taking up styling fashion writers, too.

“I, of course, have styled my mom and my friends, but this is my first time doing it professionally and it feels great,” says Devora as she takes on my wardrobe for a week. “This is so fun to me; I love playing dress-up, expressing myself, and combining my sense of style with someone else’s. It’s something I truly love to do.”

Read more about Nailea Devora and her fashion inspiration, working with Hollister, and her outfit ideas for nearly every occasion, ahead.

You've been working for Hollister for quite some time now! How has it been working alongside the brand so far?

It’s been amazing. It’s a dream come true working with a brand like Hollister, especially for someone who grew up loving the brand! I’ll never forget every year before school started I would also go to the mall with my mom to shop for new Hollister jeans. It’s so special to me that I now have this partnership with them.

Do you have any great memories with Hollister you’d like to share?

I love being part of such a talented group of young people. It’s amazing to be selected by Hollister alongside these other creators! The brand has also evolved so much since I was younger – it’s much more inclusive now, from the vibe in the stores, to the sizes offered, so I’m really thrilled to be a part of its growth.

What was the process for you like when you were choosing my outfits for the week? Was it difficult for you to select some of the pieces for me to wear?

No, it wasn’t hard. It was pretty fun and easy for me. I have a strong sense of style so I just chose my go-to pieces!

Take us through each look and why you selected the pieces for it.

Coffee Date with Friends: “This is personally my favorite look and something I would totally wear every day. The red argyle turtleneck sweater from Hollister is a cute go-to, pop of color and really fun for winter and going out with friends. I also love these Hollister mid-rise medium wash boot jeans — I think they’re flattering on everyone.”

While a friend and I were out to grab coffee, we decided to stop at the nearest park in the area to take photos! The red sweater plus shearling jacket kept me extra warm, and I was surprised how much I loved the bootcut jeans.
I paired my look with fuzzy earmuffs from Edikted and white boots from Dr. Martens.
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Date Night: “I love to wear black at night; it can easily be dressed up! The black long-sleeve polo dress from Hollister is so flattering especially paired with the knee-high boots, which are super trendy right now but also timeless staples. I think the Hollister faux shearling biker jacket is beautiful, I would wear this look on a first date!”

I went on my very first date in almost a year and this dress was definitely the right choice. I wore the black mini dress (which btw, was so comfy yet flattering) with sheer tights and black boots from Vagabond.
I then wore it with my silver Pandora necklace and perfume from YSL. Let’s just say I received a lot of compliments that night hehe...
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Making a TikTok: “The Hollister high-rise two-tone flare jeans are absolutely perfect for this look. This is definitely something I would wear in my own TikToks. When I’m making content, most of the time I’m out already doing stuff, it’s not very planned. I like being natural and comfy so an outfit like this is ideal for me.”

The TikTok outfit ended up being my work-from-cafe look for the day if I’m being honest, but it’s one I’d re-wear in my upcoming videos for sure. I love a good pair of jeans and the two-tone pants were so comfy and stylish. The cropped jacket also fit me very well, and I wore a hat and my go-to boots as the final touch.
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Work from Home: “I chose this green Hollister crop oversized half-zip sweatshirt and ultra high-rise graphic dad joggers for working from home because I love a good matching set. It’s a perfect, easy way to look and feel put together without having to try too hard. This color green is also my favorite color right now, and I also love a little collared top moment. The look is just so cute and comfy!”

The life of a fashion writer can be quite busy and once again, I found myself wearing the WFH outfit while working from a cafe, but I was very comfortable to say the least! During my day, I stopped by State Cashmere’s brunch and I was captured in my green Hollister set.
I wore my outfit with my black Vagabond boots and Telfar shopping bag, goodie bag in hand!Courtesy of State Cashmere
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Is there a favorite trend or item that you absolutely are loving this season?

Love low-rise jeans, knee-high boots, and matching sets. All of the looks I chose have an item or two that I’m currently loving, I really incorporated them into each look.

How would you describe your own personal style

I love wearing colorful pieces. I would say my style is playful and youthful. I’m excited to start experimenting with faux leather, specifically pants and jackets this year. That’s definitely a trend I’m loving that I haven’t done much with yet personally.

You have a huge platform on social media, especially TikTok and you often showcase your style on there. Is there a difference in how you dress on and off-screen? Where do you get your style inspiration from?

No difference, I dress the exact same. What you see online is exactly what I’m wearing with my friends and in my personal life. I just love clothes and dressing up, picking out different pieces. I get a lot of inspiration from back home, my community, and people my age. I love looking at older fashion trends and making Pinterest boards to pull inspo from.

What's next for you?

I’m taking up some new hobbies to put myself out there more. I recently played a role in a short film that was just released called I__ You. It was directed by Sara Bahbah and it was so much fun to be a part of. I’m excited to do more projects like that down the road, keep connecting with my followers, and just continuing to learn and grow!

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