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18 Fall Fashion Items To Wear For Virgo Season

The Earth sign is known for being a perfectionist, even with fashion.

After Leo season’s jam-packed whirlwind of festivities and confident-boosting events, we’ve now officially entered Virgo territory from Aug. 23 to Sept. 22.

Governed by Mercury (the planet associated with all things related to communication), Virgos are best known for their empathetic and nurturing nature. These loving Earth signs are perfectionists at heart, meaning that they prioritize structure and organization even if that sends them down a mental spiral at (a lot of the) times.

As the end of summer is finally upon us, these practical yet polished Virgos are intentional in every aspect of their lives — and that includes fashion, too. Rather than opting for a slew of micro-trends from social media, Virgos immerse themselves in effortlessly timeless pieces instead, as seen even in the ‘90s by Fiona Apple and Cameron Diaz. The quintessential style of these Earth signs also includes structured silhouettes, such as pleated mini skirts and tailored suits, and vintage fashion is their best friend, as represented through Zendaya’s recent red carpet appearances.

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Get into your inner “Virgo’s Groove” by checking out 18 of our top fashion pieces that you’ll definitely want to wear throughout fall, from knitted polo shirts to suits and more, ahead.

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