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Watch The (Surprisingly Wholesome) Album Trailer For Camila Cabello’s C,XOXO

“305 ‘til I die, b*tch!”

Camila Cabello officially launched a new era in a page straight from the pop-star manual: by going platinum blonde and dropping her incendiary lead single, “I LUV IT.”

“Constant change is the solution,” Cabello said in the latest issue of NYLON of her new direction. “It’s the key to peace and the medicine to anxiety.” Now, the singer is preparing for the release of C,XOXO, her new record out June 28. While we’ll have to wait and see if Cabello’s new music is all edgy, raw club earworms, we do know that C,XOXO will highlight her love for her hometown Miami.

“She takes trips, and she’s out in L.A. and New York,” she says in C,XOXO’s album trailer. “When all’s said and done though, you hear her screaming ‘305 ‘til I die, b*tch!’”

Read on for everything we know about C,XOXO, including its release date, tracklist, themes, and more.

What will Camila Cabello’s album be called?

Cabello’s fourth studio album is called C,XOXO. It not only marks her first record since 2022’s Familia, but it will be the first release following her departure from Epic Records.

When will Camila Cabello’s album be released?

C, XOXO is out June 28, 2024. Watch the album trailer below.

What songs will be on the album?

The album’s tracklist is still officially under wraps, but confirmed singles include the synth-y earworm “I LUV IT” and” “He Knows,” featuring Lil Nas X.

Who is she working with for the album?

On C,XOXO, Cabello teamed up with influential producers El Guincho, who has collaborated with Rosalía, and Jasper Harris, who has worked with Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X. “They turned me on to a lot of new music and new references, which all kind of fed into the next version of me,” she tells NYLON.

What are the themes of the album?

Cabello told NYLON that her new music “feels like an unfiltered version of me,” and based on “I LUV IT,” the Cabello in question is wild, carefree, and always at the club. In C,XOXO’s album trailer, the singer opens up about herself — and her love for Miami.

She lists her favorite things about the city, which she lovingly calls a “Caribbean Tokyo”: skyscrapers, broken English, and the sun. “They always said the city would be underwater by now. Then again, that’s what they said about her,” she says in a wistful voiceover. “I guess they both learned how to swim.”