February 2023’s Full Snow Moon in Leo Embraces The Real You


February 2023’s Full Snow Moon in Leo Embraces The Real You

A full moon in Leo on February 5 turns the spotlight on individuality.

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As far as astrological weather goes, February 2023 is easy, breezy, and beautiful. There’s no major planetary battles or shifts — because they’re all happening in March when Saturn begins its swim in Pisces and Pluto brings seismic activity to Aquarius. But that’s neither here nor there! Before all that, there’s a bright and captivating full moon in Leo on February 5 at 1:29 pm EST, one that “welcomes you out of your cave and into the shimmering light of self-declaration,” writes NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. What does that mean for you and how can you work with the full moon in Leo’s magic? All will be revealed, below.

A little about Leo

“What is the divine calling of a Leo?” asks Odyssey. “To be themselves completely, of course! What Cancer teaches, Leo radiates by example. Leo never questions its entitlement to love and gratification. Leo’s ruler, the sun, never goes out, and neither do its messengers.” And February 2023’s messenger is the other luminary, the moon, supercharged, potent, and ready for action.

Each full moons illuminate a specific house in your birth chart, bringing a sense of clarity and emotion into focus. Depending on where Leo lands in your birth chart, the full moon on February 5 will bring about Leo traits like confidence, playfulness, bravery, and passion to help us get in touch with your purpose.

A square to Uranus

Although nothing truly cataclysmic is going down this month, the full moon in Leo does in fact hit a square to Uranus in Taurus. In astrology, a square aspect marks a point of tension and friction. Leo and Taurus are two fixed signs — they want to do things their way, and aren’t in the mood for any “helpful” suggestions. As the planet of disruption, Uranus’ brush up with the full moon brings the opportunity to shake up behaviors that keep the Leo energy of your birth chart feeling dimmed. In layman’s terms: Are you being real, or are you acting like you think you should?

The Snow Moon

February 2023’s full moon in Leo is also known as the Snow Moon. While the nickname may reference blistering cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, the full moon is symbolic of overcoming these challenges by keeping one’s heart and soul ablaze. Spiritually, the Snow Moon is a chance to look within and acknowledge one’s own burning passion — and how to share that with the world.

Working with the full moon in Leo

Leo tends to concern itself with “the self,” so a full moon lunation in the sign shines bright on self-expression. How are you showing up in the world? Is your freak flag waving freely? What’s the worst thing that you could happen if you were your authentic self? Read your rising sign on NYLON’s February 2023 horoscope to find out more.

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