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January 2023’s Full Moon In Cancer, Explained

2023’s first full moon shines in Cancer.

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Although 2023’s astrology got off to a bumpy start — a fresh Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and a never-ending Mars retrograde in Gemini, for starters — the cosmos are balancing the scales with a full moon in Cancer on January 6 at 6:08 p.m. EST. At its core, this lunation is a salve. The moon loves to be in Cancer, its place of its domicile, and can work up some extra healing for us here on Earth. Find out how to make the most of 2023’s first full moon, below.

The moon & Cancer: A love story

The moon rules over Cancer, making this water sign its domicile, or home. The Cancerian qualities of being understanding, protective, and sensitive are front and center with this transit; a Cancer moon is all the more powerful when the heavenly body is at its brightest, so you might as well ride the incoming emotional wave. Take note of the feelings that arise under this lunation; acknowledging emotions comes with its own benefits, like a much-needed lesson and the release of burden. Read your rising sign on NYLON’s January 2023 horoscope to find out more.

How to honor the full moon in Cancer

Other than the two retrogrades bringing reviews and disruptions to our lives, the full moon in Cancer is relatively unencumbered by challenging transits or aspects — making it free to release the full power of its Cancerian nourishment.

Cancer’s glyph is the crab for good reason; its hard shell doubles as a home to protect pure softness. Under this lunation, make like a crab and hunker down in your fort of choice. Take time to note what care looks like in your life. What has it looked like in the past, and more importantly, has that been enough for you? This lunation will illuminate your emotions, so don’t even try to hide them.

Perhaps the full moon in Cancer is what you need to shift your perspective to turn old, tender wounds into building blocks for something solid and safe. “Take the sun-Mercury conjunction (or cazimi) on January 7 to hit the little details with light and optimism,” advises NYLON astrologer David Odyssey.

And, finally, tap into Cancer’s water element. Process your thoughts in a bubble bath or shower, or by a beach, river, or lake. Let it literally and metaphorically wash over you. What do you have to lose?

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