January’s 2024’s Full Moon In Leo Packs In The Drama


January 2024’s Full Moon In Leo Packs In The Drama

Let the in-your-face full moon light the way.


The astrology of 2024 begins with a seismic, generation-defining shift: a Pluto in Aquarius transit. While Pluto’s entrance into the water bearer’s domain will reroot and invigorate society’s platforms, systems, and beliefs for the next two decades, it’s immediately followed by a full moon in Leo on Jan. 25. And if there’s one thing to know about Leo, it’s that they peak in the spotlight.

Leo is ruled by the sun, the center of our galaxy — and it’s why many Leo placements may also see themselves as the center of their universe. “For Leo, the world is a mirror, and to be without others would be to go blind,” writes NYLON astrologer David Odyssey.

This is not a bad thing, per se. Leo is powerful, bold, and full of warmth, and a full moon in the lion’s den promises to be roaring with life. What makes this full moon in Leo differ from past lunations is that it sits in opposition Pluto’s new home in Aquarius — and when any planet or luminary comes in contact with Pluto, it’s going to be potent. But wait, there’s more! The full moon in Leo also sits square to Jupiter in Taurus, which brings abundance, fun, and magnifies the lunation. The drama will be ten-fold and the realizations could be life-changing.

With the sun as its ruler, Leo is closely tied to our inner creative spark. How you express yourself and navigate through power dynamics? How do you lead the way and encourage others to follow? “Meditate on what is important to you — and not your judge, jury, and executioners in the digital town square — so that you can be a pumping heart of originality and complexity in this wild new epoch,” advises Odyssey.

A new era is upon us and the full moon in Leo is lighting the way. See where the lunation lands in your own birth chart by reading for your rising sign in NYLON’s horoscope.