Jupiter In Taurus 2023-2024 Horoscope: A Power Shift Is Here
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Your Jupiter In Taurus Horoscope Marks A Power Shift

Jupiter in Taurus is revving the engine for a prosperous, year-long joyride. How will you make the most of it?

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On May 16, 2023, for the first time since 2012, the great and glorious Jupiter enters Taurus, this time for a year-long residency. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, grandeur, excess, and brilliance; whichever sign it crosses gets a lightning bolt from the king of the gods. But how will Jupiter’s tour of Taurus — which runs through May 25, 2024 — affect your chart, your finances and your future?

When Jupiter enters the sign of wealth and fertility, it unleashes a creative renaissance period. The new voices, movements, ideas, and art initiated by Jupiter in Aries come to term, and the rising icons of the decade (and century) are unveiled. Of course, as Taurus deals with currency and self-worth, Jupiter’s penchant for grandeur can lead to economic inflation and the kind of delusion which would make a Hollywood executive justify his $250 million salary. But whether you’re a tyrannical plutocrat or a barista praying that your rent doesn’t go up 16%, money and its manifold purposes are up for reinvention this year.

Remember: Taurus is the sign of embodiment. Look to its position in your chart as a launching point for your heartthrob awakening, somatic reboot, or artistic resurgence. Jupiter in Aries asked what it is you do. Jupiter in Taurus wants to know what you are, and how you represent it through your sexual, stylistic, and creative expression.


Look to the house position of Taurus in your chart to understand where this Jupiter saga will go down for you. Take note of Taurus’ fellow fixed signs in your chart — Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — and any natal planets you have in those domains. As Jupiter moves through Taurus, it will make squares (90 degree challenges) to any planets in Leo and Aquarius, and oppositions (180 degree face-offs) to the Scorpio characters. Those born with fixed rising signs will most profoundly feel the shifts of this transit.

In terms of current transits, note that Jupiter joins the chaos-maker Uranus in Taurus (they come into alignment in April 2024); Jupiter immediately squares Pluto in Aquarius (May 17, 2023) and will have plenty of fun squares with Venus during her Leo retrograde come summer 2023.

Though horoscopes apply to sun signs, we advise that you read the horoscope based on your rising.


The Aries-Libra eclipse cycle has only just begun, initiating an explosive metamorphosis of your relationship life. Not only are new people coming your way, but they’re encountering a more authentic, realized, streamlined you. If this much authentic expression sounds a bit terrifying, let Jupiter — in your second house of self-worth — help bolster your confidence. The second house concerns what we own that makes us feel like ourselves: money, material possessions, values, experiences, and even those wardrobe items which could belong to nobody else. Traditionally, this transit spells out financial expansion (and a little fiscal chaos), but holistically, it’s a power-up of your value. State what you’re worth, and see who shows up to affirm it.


The planet of expansion, light, and optimism is hitting your home sign. This could be fantastic, no? It’s an unprecedented time for career leaps, lightning bolt risks, and declarations of your calling. Of course, with expansion comes destabilization. As you come to harness the gifts you’ve unlocked these past years, you will have to face the consequences of growing too big for the life you knew before. By the time it’s over, you won’t be able to fit back into those little relationships or expectations that once formed your worldview. There’s no turning back now, and certainly no shrinking down.


As Saturn in Pisces continues its renovation of your very public career arena, Jupiter enters your private, inner underworld: the 12th house, where buried gifts, pain, and intuition await discovery. In typical Gemini fashion, too much is happening at once: only as you’re stepping onto the main stage are you realizing what powers you possess. Invest in any creative, spiritual, or psychic modalities which will help you dig deeper; you’re about to uncover an arsenal of riches meant only for you. Saturn will help you share these treasures, but this year, they’re for your finding alone.


This is a massive opportunity for social growth. With Saturn in Pisces, in your ninth house of spiritual and academic expansion, you’re newly exposed to the institutions, teachers, and gatekeepers you’ll need to work with to attain mastery. Meanwhile, Jupiter hits Taurus, in your 11th house of community, audience, and shared values. It’s important that you recruit friends, study partners, and fellow travelers who align with your ethos. And beyond the sacred duties, who do you want to have fun with? Right now, your social and spiritual lives are the same; make sure they reflect well on one another.


Boom. Everything has been leading up to this: the brave step out from under the bed and into danger; the breaks with limiting relationships; the risky debuts onto the main stage. Jupiter has arrived in your tenth house of career and public glory, where you’re ready to operate like a Slayer in her Season 5 prime. You will be called to elevated platforms of leadership and visibility, and this time, it won’t feel like a shock, but like a natural arrival. No signs are plagued by myopia like Taurus and Leo; make sure you have accountability and community to keep you from losing the plot midway through your debut.


Virgo’s tarot card is the Hermit, the sage who seeks higher ground through which to attain clarity and peace. Jupiter often corresponds to Zeus, Odin, and other gods who change form and wander the land to learn from its people. With Jupiter in your ninth house of expanding horizons, travel, and spiritual development, you’re called to voyage. New courses of study, big moves, and opportunities to pursue mastery await; your challenge is to break your routine — and your illusion of control — and let yourself pursue. With Saturn in Pisces in your seventh house of relationships, you’re likely meeting the travel buddies meant to lead the way. This doesn’t have to be a journey of hermitage, but of shared discovery.


The planet of lust and bombast hits your eighth house of metamorphosis. This is the domain of reinvention, where we cast off the roles assigned to us and let desire form our new identity. It’s no secret that you’re undergoing a global makeover: with the Aries-Libra eclipse cycle hitting your relationship axis, and Saturn in Pisces initiating a full-body reclamation. Now’s the time to put desire on the table, to act as an initiator and provocator. Answer your longings and embrace a spirit of experimentation, and you’ll bring revelations from the bedroom to the public stage. Your new incarnation is waiting to be unleashed — enjoy every moment of the discovery process.


Jupiter is now in your seventh house of others; meanwhile, Saturn in Pisces restructures your fifth house of romance and pleasure. By all means you should enjoy new lovers who come into your life, but this transit isn’t really about them. It’s about you, and how you experience relationships. In Taurus, Jupiter delivers friends, soulmates, and champions who see you at your core and have your back no matter what. But to welcome them in, you’ll have to work harder than ever to honor yourself and your desires, and stop compromising to keep everybody happy. You’ve lost many relationships over the past four years. You’re ready to let love in, and not lose yourself along the way.


With Saturn in Pisces, you’re called to build your home. With Jupiter in Taurus, you’re invited to build your body. Taurus owns your sixth house, where we set boundaries for how much we give to others, how we exert ourselves, and what we need to feel secure and strong. Taurus is a sign of consolidation, wealth, and hedonism; with Jupiter in your sixth house, you’re invited to indulge the calls of the body. Nourish, strengthen, and worship your somatic form; consider this part of your global reconstitution of home and self, so that you feel fortified for the adventures to come.


When Jupiter was in Aries, you worked hard to root down and give yourself a sense of psychological and material structure. Now, we reap the benefits. Taurus rules your fifth house of creative expression, and with Jupiter here, you should cultivate any experience which feels stimulating and generative: launch your solo show, book a catamaran cruise with you friends, go on the most cinematic date of your life, start playing volleyball. This is a massive moment of creative harvest. You’ve done the work to sustain it; now’s the time to really have some fun.


Taurus rules your fourth house of home, family, and psychological rootedness. Yikes. Over the last four years, Uranus has given you the full Tower card Tarot treatment, lightning your little citadel ablaze and kicking you out of the highest cell. Having survived the landing, you’re ready for Jupiter to lead you to a bigger and better world than ever imagined. Your family, be it of origin or your own making, is up for reclamation and redefinition; the physical and financial limitations which once dictated where you live are now unbound; and the world is your oyster. Take Jupiter’s walking stick and ready yourself for a trek through the mountains. Your search for home has only just begun.


Jupiter brings magic and creative opportunity to your third house of daily life, rituals, and communications. Even and especially the most quotidian aspects of your life may be the incubators of a new reality. Buy a fancy notebook and deck it out with stickers; stop responding to texts from people you don’t care about; invest in ten-minute tea ceremonies every morning; build an altar; and start taking singing lessons. We know that Saturn in Pisces is leveling life as you knew it. It’s time to open new doors, pathways, and practices so that you can rise out of the rubble stronger than before.

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