Jupiter in Taurus 2023–2024, Explained
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Jupiter In Taurus 2023-2024: Embodiment Goes Big

What happens when the planet of expansion hits the sign of sex and money?

From May 16, 2023 through May 25, 2024, the planet Jupiter returns to Taurus for a seminal, super-sized season of new beginnings. What’s to come for culture, cash, and the collective future when the planet of grandeur hits the sign of opulence? And how does Jupiter’s arrival in Taurus play out in your personal chart? Consult our guide below for what comes next.


Named after the lustful, flamboyant thunder god, Jupiter is the biggest, boldest planet in the solar system. Spending approximately a year in every sign, Jupiter immediately blasts a spotlight on the sign’s attributes. Whatever Jupiter hits goes big: advancements speed up, possibilities expand, and self-destroying behaviors spin out of control. So what happens when Jupiter hits Taurus, the sign of fertility, embodiment, self-worth, and money?

Aries spearheads the rebirth of the zodiac cycle, fertilizing creation, consciousness, and possibility. Taurus brings this new life to material form. Aries creates, Taurus incarnates. Bulls were worshiped throughout the ancient world as symbols of primal life force, their horns tilling the fields and resembling the fertile crescent moon. Creation and conception will always be mysteries to us, operating through channels we can’t perceive. But when a baby comes to term or an idea takes shape on the page, the divine is suddenly manifest, able to be seen and held. Taurus, then, operates in the material realm. No wonder that when Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt, he had to obliterate the idol of a golden calf, in fear that such a powerful, physical symbol would seduce his followers away from their invisible one God.

The zodiac’s opening three signs can be considered a creative trilogy. Aries initiates, Taurus installs, Gemini disseminates. Historically, Jupiter’s tours through these three signs have followed a similar track: the Aries season introduces new artists, ideas and movements to the scene, often untempered and without mediums or platforms to contain them. The Taurus chapter exhibits the results of such expansive efforts, releasing symbols and works which will definitively change history. Finally, when Jupiter enters Gemini, cutting-edge technologies and visions emerge to bring these elements into the world.

Jupiter’s transits through Taurus introduce the symbols of mass worship for the decades to come. Economies and social movements, molten and scorching from the revolutionary fire of Jupiter in Aries, solidify again. Heady social discourses fold back into the 3D veldt of the body and its desires. And the creators, heroes, and visionaries emboldened over Jupiter in Aries take their place as the Hierophants of a new age. Of course, so much power delivered into human hands will lead to the rise of autocrats, technocrats, and dictators, as evidenced by the current moment.


Jupiter’s once-a-decade Taurean residencies are rarely times of subtlety. In nearly all periods, we observe the debut of mass pop icons, the consolidation of power by autocrats, and artistic debuts which define the decade to come. Taurus is a sign of conservation and often backlash. When Jupiter enters, it often signals the “peak” or “boom” of preceding liberal progress — from the roaring ’20s to the fire of the Arab Spring — for a return to restrictive “classic” norms.

The 1928–1929 edition began with the introduction of Mickey Mouse, a corporate monolith who would make the Golden Calf look like small potatoes. Lights of New York, the first “100% talkie” put the silent film era in the grave, leading Broadway Melody to launch the age of movie musicals. Amelia Earhart embodied a new Artemis archetype, a huntress of the skies. Joseph Stalin launched the first plan of forced collectivization, forever changing Russian life and economy. Within months, Wall Street would crash, and the rapture of the ’20s would feel like a fever dream.

After a grueling Great Depression, Jupiter would return to Taurus in May 1940, bringing new life to a dead economy. The advent of WWII initiated a surge of industry, yielding the first jet planes, working computers, and even the foundation of McDonalds, yet another unkillable, world-conquering capitalist icon. With Uranus also in Taurus, so came the annihilating rise of autocrats like Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito. Within months of Jupiter’s tour of Gemini, the attack on Pearl Harbour would change the course of history. As with the 1929 edition, this Jupiter tour of Taurus represented a culmination before the turning.

Fast-forward to 1976–1977, one of the most spectacular cultural booms in human history. By the time Jupiter had left Taurus, ABBA had debuted “Dancing Queen,” Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” was on radios every hour, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours was tattooed in the souls of millions, and Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, Annie Hall and Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” were about to debut. Naturally, it was during this run that Apple Computers was founded, joining Disney and McDonalds as a reigning overlord of the new pyramids.

The 1999–2000 entry would be similarly explosive. The Matrix, Scream 3, X-Men, Fight Club, The Virgin Suicides, Dick, Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Talented Mr. Ripley, All About My Mother, Magnolia, Eyes Wide Shut: What movie didn’t come out in this era? Britney and Christina dueled for pop supremacy, Buffy and the Charmed sisters battled evil, and, as witnessed at Woodstock ’99, the backlash to pop feminism was just around the corner. The following years would yield restriction and a crushing return to so-called “family values.” But the output of this moment could never be undone.

Finally, the June 2011–June 2012 chapter would deliver a second Black Monday and another economic reckoning. The debut of Girls (created by the Taurean Lena Dunham) would initiate a broader discourse on social, class and economic identity in a post-recession reality. iPhones became ubiquitous and essential. And, as with previous eras, a vanguard of new artists debuted century-defining works, including Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die, Florence and the Machine’s Ceremonials, Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange, and Grimes’ Visions.


For the first time since 1941, Jupiter will be joining Uranus in Taurus. Whether or not that spells out global conflict, it’s clear that we’re living through another age of the autocrat. It’s likely that those in positions of power, from Xi Jinping to Elon Musk to Vladimir Putin, will make grander — and riskier — grabs, building Jenga towers which can only go so high before crashing. Digital currency, which has proven to be anything but stable, will take on some new, streamlined form. Technocracy movements, streaming services, content gulags, and meta universes will hit a premium. God, gold, and the body will make a comeback. People will ditch the multiverse in favor of an old-fashioned orgasm.

As last-century’s mediums and icons fall into obscurity, new idols will sweep the imagination of the masses, joining Jupiter in Taurus alumni Mickey Mouse, Rosie the Riveter, and Darth Vader in immortality. In the summer of 2023, Venus will retrograde in Leo, rebooting the iconography of a cynical Hollywood machine and a soulless influencer culture. It’s time for a new era of stars and sex symbols to mesmerize, command, and inspire. As we close out the dizzying, hyper-referential, ironic decade of hyperpop, meme culture, and Everything Everywhere All At Once, a wave of artists will introduce the sounds and styles of tomorrow. By the time Jupiter arrives in Gemini, we’ll dance at the altars of new gods. Finally, no more looking back.


This is a critical year for creative release. Whatever you’ve been toying with, and whichever collaborations have picked up steam — it’s time to bring them to culmination. It’s on you to not only bring your work to term, but to treat yourself as the mother and creatrix: to feed, strengthen, and style yourself as a powerful vessel through which the future may arrive. The platforms through which you’ll be received may not exist yet, and the world may feel too rigidly moralistic to handle you. Leave those concerns to Jupiter in Gemini. For now, just get it done and get it out.

Ditch the conceptual and get real. Does your bank account feel verdant with possibility, or parched and enervated? How does your wardrobe, home, and lifestyle reflect the interior splendor within you? Where are you ready to take the lead, crystallize your “brand” and set a monetary value to what you do? Make no mistake: Taurus is a self-centered sign, hence the high propensity for divas and dictators. All this navel-gazing may turn you into another cannibalistic influencer, a narcissistic black hole who can’t see beyond themselves. But if the last few years have flung you to the opposite end of the pendulum, to a state of dissociative paralysis, insecurity over your choices in the face of globalized shame and censure, then this isn’t self-indulgent. It’s self-awakening.

Be the protagonist, the movie star, the Vamp, the sex symbol, the innovator. Wear it. Integrate it into how you leave the house, who you spend time with, and where you seek inspiration. This isn’t about working harder or going deeper. It’s about embodying your values. There is something immortal within you, essential to the evolution of our collective consciousness. Don’t make us guess what you’ve got. Now’s the time to show it off, care for it, and treat yourself like the source of the future. If you’re ready to download into this life, now’s the time.