July 2022’s Full Buck Moon In Capricorn Brings Emotional Release
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July 2022’s Full Buck Moon In Capricorn Is Ready To Rumble

A breakdown of July 2022's full Buck moon in Capricorn — and how to make the most of it.

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In the throes of Cancer season comes a potent full moon sitting on the opposite end of the sign’s axis in Capricorn. While Cancer is the sign of emotional intelligence, Capricorn is one of industry and a rigorous work ethic. And what brings them together is an endless supply of sheer tenacity. These two astrological archetypes play out in the sky on July 13, as the full moon in Capricorn — also known as the Buck moon — illuminates the sky and your birth chart at 2:38 PM EST. Find out everything you need to know to make the most of this lunation, below.

It’s a supermoon

First things first: The full moon in Capricorn is a supermoon. The term essentially refers to any full moon that’s at a distance of at least 90% of perigee (aka the point at which the Moon is closest to Earth). Not only does this amplify the moon in a visual sense, but it may also amplify emotions.

It’s conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto, the planet of transformation and the underworld, often signals to a purge when aspecting another planet. Full moons, at their core, are emotionally intense experiences, so an extra dose of magnification from Pluto may veer into challenging and potentially extreme territory. Go into July 2022’s full moon in Capricorn with the understanding that it may expose truths, emotions, and thoughts that have been buried within the subconscious. It may be an emotional overload, but know that a sense of catharsis sits on the other end.

The Buck moon

Per The Old Farmer’s Almanac, the July full moon is called the Buck Moon to honor the growth cycle of male deer’s antlers. Bucks shed and regrow their antlers each year, each time producing a stronger, more impressive set. During the July full moon, it’s said that a Buck’s antler are in full-growth; from an astrological point of view, Capricorn’s tenacity helps a person learn and grow no matter the hardship — whether it’s an internal matter or the pain of growing a robust set of antlers.

How to make the most of the full Buck moon in Capricorn

For July 2022’s full moon in Capricorn, think of the state of your resources. This lunation will likely illuminate what’s lacking — emotionally, physically, and psychically. If it leads to a purging, perhaps letting go and partaking in some rigorous internal inventory is what’s needed to build a stronger foundation that’s built to last. (What’s more Capricorn that creating something that’s going to outlive you?)

“Capricorn is eager to play breadwinner and girlboss, securing and safeguarding power. But with great power comes great responsibility,” writes NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “Will yours be used for the common good, or consolidated, hoarded, and wielded for terror? Will you choose the path of Martin Luther King, Jr., or ride to space on a giant phallus with Jeff Bezos?”

For more on how the full Buck moon in Capricorn is going to play out in your birth chart, read for your rising sign in NYLON’s July 2022 horoscope.

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