Your July 2022 Horoscope Rewards The Rebellious


Your July 2022 Horoscope Rewards The Rebellious

With a Capricorn full moon and Uranus hitting the north node, your July 2022 horoscope issues a new world order.

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We have arrived at the turning point in the new age of heroes, that part in the movie when Aragorn finally braids his hair and rides hard as the king. This is the last month, until December, when Jupiter, the grand planet of light and wisdom, moves direct in Aries, inspiring the next generation of artists and legends to shape the new world. But for all Aries’s much-needed courage, Jupiter can fall prey here to the sign’s toxic protagonism. Enter Cancer, the sign of community, and Capricorn, industry, who this month will swoop in to check and balance Jupiter’s creative development.

In Cancer, the sun, Mercury (July 5–19), and Venus (starting July 19) ground you in care and tribal perspective; where are you leading your people, and why? Meanwhile, Pluto roosts in Capricorn like Smaug, amassing the riches of dying industries. If you’re going to strike out on your own, you’ll have to face the greedy dragon. The Capricorn full moon on July 13 reminds you that you’re an institution. But the Mercury-Pluto opposition on June 18, and a sun-Pluto opposition on July 20, reveal your fears of claiming power and risking corruption in the Mordor of late capitalism.

But the risk is worth it. Valor and glory are further rewarded as Mercury and the sun enter Leo on July 20 and 22, respectively. On July 24, the asteroid Ceres, the glorious, wrathful earth mother, joins the sun and Mercury in Leo. With Pluto completing its global collapse in Capricorn, and Saturn rounding out feuds over culture and curriculum, Ceres in Leo affirms the dignity of the human body — as a holy piece of flesh and earth. Your talent is bright enough to lead us out of this shadow world. The new moon in Leo, on July 28, rekindles it; it’s up to you to feed it.

Speaking of embodiment, Mars enters Taurus on July 5, spurring the bull to till terra nova, marching forward no matter who is in the way. On the final day of the month, Mars nears Uranus, the planet of change and revolution, and the karmic gate of the north node, all together in one place in Taurus for the first time since the days of Alexander the Great. In the sign of dangerous sexuality and personal autonomy (and autocracy), this union portends a final drawing of the lines over bodily autonomy and so-called personal liberty. The north node has been in Taurus for all of 2022, adding a fated quality to the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard discourse and the Roe v. Wade fallout. The backlash has arrived, and will likely be ugly. But this is no wrong turn, or dark timeline. We have arrived at the doors of fate, and your role has already been cast. Don’t drop the call.


July focuses all your evolution on the first and fourth houses of your chart — namely, the bases of your point of view (first) and rootedness in home and family (fourth). This is the last time Jupiter, the lightning maker, will be direct in your sign until late December: listen closely for what inspires you. What is striking you right now? To take your place in the new age of heroes, you’ll have to revisit your origin story. As Mercury enters Cancer on July 5, followed by Venus on July 17, all in your fourth house of home, family, and mental organization, you’re well-served to revisit personal history and childhood sources of inspiration. We need you on the creative offensive right now. The Capricorn full moon goes down in your tenth house of career mastery on July 13; let it bring to light the treasures you’re uncovering.


The first part of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle initiated a rapid, devastating metamorphosis. You’re nothing now but a gooey hatchling, not safe yet to leave the cocoon. When the warrior planet Mars enters Taurus on July 5, you’re outfitted with new armor, Metapod style. Like the legendary Mars in Taurus Madonna, you’re best served now trying on identities and aesthetics that allow for experimentation. The advent of Leo season, on July 22, lights up your fourth house of home, family, and mental stability. How were you conditioned to view yourself in your family constellation? Where in your childhood were your talents affirmed or ignored? Over the last week of the month, Venus and Mercury in Leo will initiate dialogue and argument with others over how you wish to be seen. Someone new is emerging, and by the time Uranus hits the north node in Taurus on July 31, you’ll be ready to enter your Ray of Light era.


The month begins with the asteroid Pallas, a.k.a. Athena, goddess of strategy and wisdom, setting up camp in Gemini, here through early September. Vision, perspective, and direction are available to those who cultivate Gemini’s inborn cleverness; impulse won’t get you far this time. Meanwhile, Mercury and Venus join the sun in Cancer, in your second house of self-worth. With the military goddess in your home sign, and your sense of value lit up by the sign of tenacity, you’re ready to to think big. Of course, all this decision and declaration is bound to intimidate. Count on clashes throughout the month from Mercury and Venus to your more public houses, where others may underestimate you. How can you set a new course of self-confidence without burning every bridge? How can you be a leader while still serving a larger whole? Let the miscommunications serve as lessons and steps towards a renewed sense of place in the bigger picture.


Since mid-May, Jupiter has brought expansion and excitement to Aries, in the career peak of your chart. Until it retrogrades at the end of the month, you’re riding a surge of infinite momentum as a leader and creator. But while Aries establishes your glory in the world, count on Cancer season to validate your personal needs. Cancer hosts Mercury from July 5–19, and Venus starting on July 17. Meanwhile, a full moon in Capricorn on July 13 blasts open your seventh house of visibility. Having all eyes on you has likely felt enervating; now’s your chance to hone and finesse what you want to express and where you want to be received. These conversations may feel frightening and stultifying, but they’re an essential part of firming up your ongoing expansion.


With Jupiter already surging in Aries, in your ninth house of expanding horizons, and Mars entering Taurus, in your tenth house of career ambition on July 5, it’s time to roll. No more waiting to be discovered, nor hoping that your employers suddenly start treating you fairly. With Mars in Taurus, you’re being seen as royalty — start acting the part. Before Mercury enters your home sign on July 19, followed by the sun on July 22, shore up your demands, desires, and directives. By the time the Leo new moon hits on July 28, and Uranus hits the north node in Taurus on July 31, you’ll be ready to meet the next era head-on, declaring your worth for all to hear.


When Neptune, planet of higher consciousness and imagination, goes retrograde, so sets in a personal malaise — and a global hangover. From now through early December, Neptune stalls in place in Pisces, in your seventh house of public visibility. This is a time to deal with the hard realities of your relationships, and your place in them, and to burst the bubble of any romantic delusions. Meanwhile, Venus is in Gemini for most of the month, in your tenth house of career, awakening you to your own spectacular versatility, and to new ways of being received. As Mercury enters Leo in your 12th house of creative processing, you have a chance to dig beneath old relationship dynamics and discover how you want to to be viewed, admired and affirmed. This is a skin-shedding, and a chance at reinvention, even if it’s more of a gradual process than you’d prefer.


With Jupiter direct in Aries until the end of the month, in your seventh house of public visibility, it’s officially hunting season. On July 5, Mars enters Taurus, in your eighth house of sexual power, and Mercury joins Venus in Cancer, in your 10th house of career and public roles. The ram, bull, and crab focus your attack on the physical, tangible, and sexual. In the back half of the month, conflicts go down between the Aries and Cancer placements, revealing what you have to learn about integrating your loved ones and collaborators into your plans, asking (or demanding) help, and feeling safe to declare what you want. Use the friction to spark sexual impact, and blaze the inferno of your creative awakening.


Cancer season shines light on your ninth house of institutions and gatekeepers to advancement. With Mercury entering Cancer on July 5, followed by Venus on July 17, your smartest strategy is to forget what you need to do to advance your destiny, and focus on who you could lean on to open the doors. As Mars gallops into Taurus on July 5, in your seventh house of public visibility, you realize that your community could serve your ambitions, in a spirit of mutual collaboration and growth. The advent of Leo season, in your tenth house of career on July 22, followed by the Leo full moon on July 28, brings you to an unforgettable peak of public glory. Decide now who is coming up with you.


Stimulation is on the menu as Jupiter rages in your fifth house of pleasure and romance, and Venus turns on Gemini, in your seventh house of relationships. With Neptune retrograding in your fourth house of home and stability, feeling ungrounded shouldn’t dissuade you from getting out there; let Venus in Gemini drive you towards new experiences that don’t have to align with your grand plan. On July 17, Venus enters Cancer, in your eighth house of metamorphosis, forcing a surrender to intense feelings and wants that destabilize your inborn independence. These new feelings and connections could open your personal perspective. Commit to being present for them.


Through July 28, Jupiter continues to kindle your fourth house of home, ancestry, and early conditioning, reconnecting you to your deepest childhood influences. Meanwhile, your seventh house of relationships hosts the sun (through July 22), Mercury (July 5–19) and Venus (starting July 17), bringing clarity, beauty, and form to your sense of intimate community. Now is the time to recruit your team to see who you are — and what has always inspired you — and to confront your fears of exposing your dreams to public ridicule. The Capricorn full moon on July 13 reifies the longevity of your current direction. But oppositions on July 18 and 20, from Cancer to Capricorn, in which Mercury and the sun face-off with Pluto, challenge the ways you’ve kept yourself cloistered, isolated, and private. It’s now or never to ask for help, and risk being seen like never before.


Mars enters Taurus, in your fourth house of home and psychological foundations, on July 5, leading up to an end-of-the-month conjunction with Uranus, the chaos bringer, and the karmic gate of the north node. Count on more lightning revelations and jagged upheavals in your sense of body, belonging, and even ancestry; the uprooting is far from over. On July 19, Mercury enters Leo, followed by the sun on July 22, emboldening your seventh house of public visibility. Where you land may be up for negotiation, but what divine talents discern you as a vessel of consciousness must be declared now. Lead with your gifts so that the right people may discover you. By the time of the Leo new moon on July 28, you’ll know more about who you are, even if you’re clueless as to where you’re going.


Until December, your planetary master Neptune is retrograde in your home sign, casting 2022 even further behind a dissociative sheen. But with Venus in Gemini in your fourth house of home through July 17, you’re most strengthened through a cultivation of the domestic. Make your home into a clean and spacious creative incubator, an ever-open channel no matter how much shmutz weighs on your mind. For the last month until December, Jupiter is direct in Aries, in your second house of self-worth and style. Treat your finances (and how you enjoy them) as a place of linear, accessible development, through which you can find clarity, no matter how blurry your creative life feels.

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