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Venus In Pisces 2022 Brings Sweetness To Your Love Life

The spiritual meaning of Venus' transit through the waters of Pisces.

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As Venus wraps up its journey through the zodiac, the planet comes to its exaltation in the psychic waters of Pisces. To put it simply, the planet of love relishes being in this sign, sharing its gifts of love, money, and beauty all the more freely. The Venus in Pisces transit begins on April 5, when you can prepare for an extra dose of sweetness. Find out everything you need to know about the April 2022’s Venus in Pisces transit, below.

It’s part of a once-in-a-lifetime Pisces stellium

Venus has been through the ringer this year; first the planet was trapped in a grueling retrograde in Capricorn, only to shift into yet another Saturn-ruled sign, Aquarius. Not only is Venus finally able to let loose and operate at its full potential, but the benefic is also part of the dreamiest, most expansive Pisces stellium in a long time. Venus joins outer planets Neptune and Jupiter in the ancient water sign, and as if that wasn’t enough of a party, Mars and the moon will join in on the bender on April 14 and April 26, respectively.

“This is a moment for cinematic vision, spectacular fantasy, and then, the emotional fallout,” says NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “Such historic Pisces transits will take you to your highest high, and just as soon crash your spaceship in the machine city, where gray disenchantment poisons the recent possibilities. Any grounding measures will prepare you for the final portal when the moon enters Pisces on April 26, joining Venus, Mars, Jupiter in Pisces for the ultimate fantasy ride.”

It’s a great time to embrace love

April 2022 promises some of the most psychedelic astrology of the year thanks to a massive stellium (when three or more planets are in the same sign) in Pisces, and Venus’ addition to the bunch makes it all the more dreamy. When the planet of love is feeling its best, it’s a cosmic green light to immaculate beauty and generosity. In the sign of its exaltation, Venus is able to connect create harmony. Chance encounters turn into something more, crushes bloom into solid relationship foundations, friendships are strengthened, and finances are on the receiving end of blessings. Plus, with Jupiter’s expansion and Neptune’s delightful delirium in the picture, this transit is just as charming as magical as it sounds. But like all good things in life, just make sure you’re not swept away by the bliss.

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