Calin Van Paris

Calin Van Paris is a freelance writer, editor, and creative consultant based on the West Coast. Her writing has appeared in Vogue, Allure, Teen Vogue, Bustle, The Good Trade, Into the Gloss, and more. She has served as managing editor at sites like Astrology and Brightly, and helps to hone brand presence through strategy, narrative, and voice.

Editorially, Calin particularly enjoys covering beauty and wellness, which offers an ever-evolving (and accessible) juncture between art, fashion, play, and health. While her own makeup routine is minimal, she is a skin care addict and is always looking for the next tool or science-based treatment to help enhance skin naturally, from the inside out. Talking to hair and makeup artists, as well as celebrities, about their approaches to beauty and creative inspirations is one of her joys, as is watching as trends take off, mutate, and cycle.

Calin derives much of her own inspiration from nature, from alpine lakes and winding rivers to dense woods and the easy breath of coastal air. In addition to crafting language and learning, you can find her exploring the planet, picking flowers and vintage, cooking and eating, and reading anything that enriches her lived experience.

Calin Van Paris

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