“Hotline Bling” Just Touched Down At The Super Bowl

champagne papi scored a commercial

Did you think that "Hotline Bling" would end in 2015? Think again. The single blew up bigger than anyone could have ever imagined and covered our dashboards with memes galore. After hundreds (maybe even thousands) of covers and remixes surfaced, we finally thought that it might be over once and for all, but we were mistaken. For the next phase of "Hotline Bling," professional actors performed dramatic interpretations. The final nail in the coffin was the song scoring its own scene in American Horror Story.

We asked ourselves, could it get any better than this? But it's not over until Drake gets in the last word. (The 6 god is always watching.) Fast forward to 2016 and we're now finding out that the "Hotline Bling" music video also served as a commercial for T-Mobile. This makes sense given the song is about making booty calls on your cellphone, and the visuals contain a lot of cellular device imagery. But this isn't an ordinary commercial—it's the mobile carrier's big spender Super Bowl commercial. Thus, we finally get to see Drake back where it all began—the wonderful world of acting. He totally slays the ad with humorous banter, that cozy turtleneck, and his signature wide smile.

T-minus two months and counting until Views From The Six arrives. We'll drink to that, Champagne Papi.