8 Celebrities Threatening To Make Skinny Eyebrows Trend Again

Beware of tweezers.

There’s probably no Y2K trend as divisive as the thin eyebrow look. After having the harrowing experience of plucking eyebrow hairs away and praying for them to come back, millennials hoped the trend would never return. While we’ve been enjoying the fuller look that’s been in style for the last decade, it appears the brow tides are turning.

Whether you like it or not, skinny eyebrows are officially coming back (like almost every other Y2K trend). Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to style them or try them that will keep you from making the same mistakes of the past. Turning to our celebrity mood board for inspiration, here are the stars who are already thinning their brows or, better yet, drawing them on, in 2021.

Bella Hadid

Bella’s natural eyebrows have gotten thinner over the years, heavily plucking them and brushing them up.