10 Celebrities Threatening To Make Skinny Eyebrows Trend Again

Beware of tweezers.

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There’s probably no Y2K trend as divisive as the thin eyebrow look. Over the past few years, as celebrities have made the effort to rebirth the style, people can’t quite decide if they love or hate it. Let’s face it, they look really striking on musicians or high fashion influencers, but should they stay on the runway? People aren’t entirely sure.

After having the harrowing experience of plucking eyebrow hairs away and praying for them to come back, many millennials hoped the trend would never return. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to style thin eyebrows that will keep you from making the same mistakes of the past. Here are the stars who are already thinning their brows or, better yet, drawing them on, in 2022.

Doja Cat

Known for her unique takes on fashion, it’s totally understandable that Doja would jump on board the skinny eyebrows trend by completely shaving her brows off — making for some funky variations of the thin brow look.