You Can Manifest Happiness, Energy, Or Even More Sex With Charlotte Tilbury’s New Fragrances

Harness the power of perfume.

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Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury first launched her titular brand in 2013, but when TikTok came along and amplified the already booming beauty industry, her already best-selling products reached an entirely new level of virality. Between Pillow Talk Lipstick, the Hollywood Flawless Filter, Beauty Light Wand highlighter, and Matte Beauty Blush Wand, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that hasn’t come across, let alone tried one of her glowy, face-flattering products.

The ethos of her beauty brand has always been about what makes people feel beautiful, but has also always had a flirty eye on alluring others. We all know that the right shade of lipstick or highlighter can lift your spirits, but now Charlotte Tilbury is taking an even more direct approach with a fragrance line formulated specifically for enhancing your mood.

The Fragrance Collection of Emotions launches May 2, including six scents that can do everything from boosting your energy level to deepening your feelings of love.

The Fragrances

The new collection was created by top perfumers with the help of the International Fragrance Foundation’s AI algorithm for identifying ingredient combinations that synergistically boost different facets of emotion. The packaging was also advised by color theorists, numerologists, and symbologists — all to complement the mood-boosting scope of each of the fragrances. They are six different ways to spray on a feeling with an 18-hour scent trail. Tilbury, herself is even calling the perfumes, “your invisible super powers.”

More Sex

Cutting straight to the reason so many people love fragrance, the first scent in the collection is meant to increase feelings of seduction — More Sex. The lipstick-red bottle encases a date night-ready juice that leans heavily on layered, musky accords. The first spritz has a spicy kick, thanks to black pepper oil, but longer wear reveals the increasingly provocative combo of skin scent-mimicking ambroxan, leather, and creamy sandalwood.

Love Frequency

Of course, Love Frequency had to contain prominent rose notes (what would a love fragrance be without a romantic bouquet?), but overall, the fragrance is more grounded than I initially expected. A base of semi sweet amber, earthy patchouli, and musky cashmeran make it a more warm and inviting lingering scent than a typical floaty floral.


A true sunshine scent (it even has a sun symbol on the opaque metallic bottle), Joyphoria contains a blend of citrusy neroli, tangy petitgrain oil, and coconut water that together smell like summer in a bottle. The heart of the fragrance is primarily made of white floral notes that round out the scent with a more sophisticated vibe, that’s still upbeat.

Magic Energy

From the jump, Magic Energy energizes and invigorates with a burst of green cypress and myrtle notes and zesty bergamot. The most apparently unisex of the collection, the fragrance smells airy and outdoorsy with almost a grassy impression. As the top notes fade, it finishes with a spicy frankincense note, which gives the fragrance a different kind of buzz.

Calm Bliss

The most aquatic scent of the bunch, Calm Bliss promotes peacefulness and tranquility. Despite leaning into a lot of typically energizing orange citrus notes, including bergamot, neroli, and orange flower, the water-like accords and lavandin oil (a more herbacious lavender-like note), make this scent smell super soothing and spa-like. It’s how you should smell after taking a luxurious bath.

Cosmic Power

Cosmic Power is the fragrance for enhancing the most abstract emotion of the collection — empowerment. It’s a strongly spicy mix of cinnamon bark and black pepper oils, frankincense, and amber, but it also includes a standout feminine powdery note. I would say the fragrance is not for someone who doesn’t want to be noticed, but perhaps that’s the whole point.

The Fragrance Collection of Emotions debuts in two sizes: 10 milliliters for $25 and 100 for $150. All six fragrances are also available as a part of a discovery set, including a mini sample of each in a 1.5 milliliters format. All are available to purchase now on