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Dua Lipa Went Blonde For The 2022 Grammy Awards

We love a blonde moment.

Dua Lipa has been an endless fount of beauty inspiration as of late. Her Instagram photo dumps never seem to disappoint, always offering fans a trendy new manicure or cool hairstyle that we can’t wait to try for ourselves. Although we love her casual, everyday beauty moments, Dua is also particularly talented at bringing something fresh to formal red carpet events. On Sunday, April 3, the singer arrived at the red carpet for the 2022 Grammy Awards sporting a brand new look for the occasion. Dua’s typically dark, raven tresses were dyed a nearly white shade of platinum blonde. The singer kept her roots dark and natural, as well as her eyebrows, to ground the new hair color.

Dua let the new blonde hair do most of the heavy lifting for her beauty moment. She kept her eye makeup understated and wore a simple ruby red lipstick with the otherwise black-and-gold ensemble. The look was head-to-toe Versace, from the harness gown from the brand’s Fall 1992 collection, to the gilded gold chrome manicure, to the super-long and super-straight bleached blonde strands inspired by Donatella Versace herself.

Versace was also the inspiration behind Dua’s ever so brief stint as a redhead. She modeled for the brand’s Fall 2021 campaign with similarly long and straight hair, but with the addition of straight-across bangs in a fiery read hue. As of yet, she has not tried out copper hair (2022 hottest hair trend) for real.

This isn’t the first time Dua’s ever had pulled off a blonde look. In 2019 she was an early influencer in the resurgence of the two-tone hair trend. For her Future Nostalgia album cover art she sported a blonde and black look, where the top layers of her hair and the face-framing pieces were bleached and the under layers of her hair were left naturally dark. This style became a huge trend throughout 2020 and 2021, where many people choose to change up their look by bleaching their face framing strands (or “money pieces”) without committing to an all-over new hair color. Even more recently, Dua posted a photo to her Instagram trying out the graffiti hair trend. She wore blonde clip ins decorated with orange and green airbrushed hearts for a temporarily new look.

We’re looking forward to seeing if her next blonde moment sticks. See Dua Lipa’s brand new bleach blonde hair look, below:

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