Dua Lipa Has No Beauty Regrets

The pop star and face of YSL Libre Fragrances talks taking risks and going glam.

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From showing up in the biggest movie of the year and dropping the song of the summer, to staring in a streetwear campaign, or sending out her newsletter, it appears Dua Lipa hardly ever has a moment of rest. But somehow there’s still time for her to share some of the most glamorous vacation photo dumps on the internet. As a bonus to every business ventures or casual outing, Lipa never stops delivering on high style fashion and beauty inspiration. She’s never more than a few days away from a major hair transformation, trying out a new makeup trend, or just showing off her nail art.

Further cementing her status as a modern beauty icon is her ongoing partnership with YSL fragrances. Lipa first teamed up with YSL Beauty in 2019 as the face of the then launching Libre Eau de Parfum. Libre has since become so popular, it has been reinvented in multiple iterations—the newest of which is Libre Absolu Platine, a sharper twist on the original juice with cooling lavender notes more front and center of the sensual white floral and citrus balanced scent.

Below Lipa shares with NYLON all about her favorite scent notes, getting glam on tour, and being the face of YSL Libre.

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What is your first beauty memory?

My first beauty memory has to be watching my mom get ready for the day each morning. I remember loving watching her apply her eyeliner, something to this day I still try to emulate. Eyeliner is probably the first beauty product I was drawn to because of those memories.

Do you consider yourself a beauty lover?

Getting into glam is often a big part of my job, whether it be for a photo shoot or big performance, so over the years I have definitely grown into a beauty lover. Skincare is always first and foremost for me. You must start with a great base!

What’s your favorite part of your partnership with YSL and Libre?

There are so many reasons to love my YSL family, but I’ve always appreciated their openness to collaboration on every shoot we’ve done together. Being the face of the Libre YSL fragrances has also taken me to so many incredible places like the Grand Canyon and Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Every campaign has been a dream.

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How often do you wear fragrance?

I wear a little something every day! I mostly decide based on occasion—for everyday wear I reach for something subtle, whereas for a big event or red carpet I might choose something a bit bolder for an instant confidence boost.

What kinds of scent notes are you typically most drawn to?

I’m typically drawn to scents that are fresh and a bit floral. The latest L’Absolu Platine fragrance checks all these boxes for me. The combination of lavender and orange blossom is invigorating and bold, it’s quickly become the fragrance I reach for most.

How would you describe the kind of person you envision wearing Libre L’Absolu Platine?

All the Libre fragrances embody freedom to me in their own ways. When I picture the kind of person who wears a Libre fragrance, I think of a powerful, independent spirit who lives life boldly.

What’s your favorite kind of makeup look to wear on stage?

For my Future Nostalgia tour, I loved playing around with bold eye looks. Some nights we experimented with cat eyes, other nights we went full glam with glitter and rhinestones. Both looks made me feel fierce—exactly the kind of energy you need on tour.

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As a manicure trendsetter, how often do you get your nails done and how do you decide what your next look will be?

Playing around with my nail looks has been a longtime love of mine. What I’m up to on any given day typically informs my design choice. Going with a specific look for a photoshoot might be different than what I lean towards in my everyday life. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with so many incredible nail artists who never lead me astray.

What’s one beauty trend you would never try again?

I don’t think I can say I’d never try a specific beauty trend again. Trends come and go and just like fashion, I think trying new makeup or nail looks is just a fun outlet to explore your creativity and personality.

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