Fall 2023’s Hottest Nail Trends Are From Another Dimension

From supernatural metallics and 3D accents, to serpent nails.

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Considering that fall always begins the “new year” of fashion, it’s no surprise that it’s also usually the time that we reset our beauty routines. As summer begins to draw to a close, nail color preferences inevitably shift from neon bright and sunshine colors to more understated and moodier tones. But, don’t be fooled— this doesn’t mean fall nail trends are a total snoozefest. In fact, this year is set to show us some exciting remixes on standby favorites. With Selena Gomez making the switch from classic pastel shades to a punk black mani and Emily Ratajkowski cosigning the “serpent nails” trend in recent weeks, we’ve already seen some sultry and experimental change ups in the lead-up to fall 2023.

While there are certain shades that make their way back around every year (who doesn’t have a soft spot for autumnal browns or pumpkin spice orange?), this year is set to be a mashup of out-of-this-world looks from surreal metallics to alien-eqsue 3D nail art, and more earth-bound trends like short natural nails and mysterious neo-neutrals. The result is a delightful balance between futuristic and classic, bringing your usual fall manicure game to the next dimension.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up fall 2023’s biggest nail trends, as predicted by Nailing Hollywood artist Hang Nguyen and Brooklyn-based nail artist Tiana Hardy.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #1: Chrome Aura Nails

Chrome nails have been everywhere this year. So much so that both Nguyen and Hardy anticipate seeing chrome finishes updating every recently popular nail trend this fall. “I see a chrome iteration of the tortoiseshell trend being really popular,” says Nguyen. Hardy says she’s already seen chrome colors integrate with multiple different nail art designs, especially a modern chrome twist on colorful aura nails.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #2: Serpent Nails

After crocodile nails trended last year, it seems fall 2023 is ready for a new reptile to take over. Enter: serpent nails à la Emrata. In fact, the hashtag #SnakeNails already has over 34 million views on TikTok. Expect to see more serpentine patterned nails of all different colors throughout the season.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #3: Squoval-Shaped Nails

Short, natural nails have been seen all summer on the likes of cool girls from Iris Law and Jisoo, to Alix Earle, but Nguyen says specifically the “squoval” shape will be everywhere next season. The squoval—a square and oval shape hybrid, “is a great classic shape” she tells NYLON. It works especially well for short nails, avoiding the difficulties of a fragile square-shaped nail.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #4: *Extra* Terrestrial Tones

Hardy says she’s been seeing “earth-toned nail art” gaining popularity ahead of the colder months. The 2023 update? “Mix and match art sets” using a great range of nature-inspired colors (think, greens, browns, and beiges) with elements of 3D gels, chrome, hand-painted art, and nail charms.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #5: Mixed Metals

Gone are the days when you have to choose between being a “gold person” or a “silver person”— in both fashion and nail art. “I’m seeing mixed metals trending,” says Hardy. “Gold, silver, bronze, rose gold. Any chrome color that falls within that theme.”

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #5: Emo Black Nails

Emo elements have been seeping into nail trends for the past couple of years (like the black French manicure last fall), now it’s all about all black everything. With the likes of Selena Gomez opting for a plain black mani in contrast with her typically preferred pastel shades, it’s clear anyone and everyone will be pulling off the black nail trend this fall. Bonus points for natural grunge chips à la Olivia Rodrigo.

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #6: Fall French

“French nails will continue to be popular for fall but in fall browns and deeper cozy shades, instead of the brights we typically see during summer,” says Nguyen. “French nails are a classic and you’ll be seeing lots of variations of this minimal chic look.”

Fall 2023 Nail Trend #7: Autumnal Barbie

Update summer 2023’s major Barbiecore nail trend for the new season with moodier shades of fuchsia. Mauves, dusty roses, orchid pink, and blush are all fair game.

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