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Halloween Cat Makeup Ideas, From Easy to Inspired

Everybody wants to be a cat.

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Halloween is the best time of the year for those who are into thrillers, mysticism, and also makeup. The dress-up holiday is perfect for showing off creative talents, for those who can generate full costumes out of face paint and also for those who just know the basics. But, no matter what your skill set, there’s on fail-proof Halloween makeup idea that suits every talent level on the scale from simple to skilled? Cat makeup.

It happens to the best of us—October 31 rolls around and there’s no longer time to Amazon Prime a costume to your door. Cat makeup is always an option to keep in your back pocket. A cute dot on the nose and drawn-on whiskers are are still a costume. While this look is so simple anyone can do it, there are a couple of things you can do to elevate the go-to Halloween cat makeup look. Some beauty influencers completely go off and create realistic looking felines with face paints and prosthetics, while others will do an artful cat eyeliner to take the look to the next level. Either way, most times its mainly everyday makeup that is used to get the look.

Whether you want to do something simple or make makeup your whole costume, here are four fine feline looks to consider recreating this Halloween.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Cat Makeup Idea #1: Cool Cat

This is basically a party makeup look, so it’s perfect for those who don’t want to try too hard. Add shimmer and dark shadow to the eyes for a night luxe starting point, smoking out your cat-eye liner and add a little drama with some wispy lashes. Then, level up from the basic nose dot and whiskers by drawing a line from the base of the center of your nose to your cupids bow and filling in your top lip with black lipstick.

Get the Cool Cat Look:

Cat Makeup Idea #2: Cheetah Girl

If you are in love with your usual makeup (and you don’t feel like drawing on a nose), this easy cheetah style may be a good choice. Use face paint, contrasting concealer, black eyeliner, or whatever you have to create abstract cheetah spots by drawing in perfect circles and outlining them loosely in a darker color. For deeper skin tones, using an orange product (like a liquid lipstick) and then outlining with an eyeliner would give same cheetah look. Finish off the look with some sparkle and voilà. Here, TikToker and makeup artist who goes by squishydoodleshelbi on the app, shows you how to get her look in under one minute.

Get the Cheetah Girl Look:

Cat Makeup Idea #3: Tiger Queen

When some go spots, others go stripes. This is for the person who wants to do something a little more festive, but still doesn’t want it to take all day. Consider sketching the look lightly with eyeliner before going all in with dark lines. Highlighting the stripes with gold shimmer and a bright orange eyeshadow look adds extra interest and glam.

Get The Tiger Queen Look:

Cat Makeup Idea #4: Character Cats

Change up the generic cat costume idea by choosing a specific one to emulate. Possibilities abound: the Cheshire Cat, Scar from Lion King, Karl Lagerfeld’s pet Coupette, Hello Kitty, the cats from Cats! This is where you can let your creativity and artistry skills shine. An extra large eyeshadow palette and saturated multipurpose pigment paints will make cartoony characters easier to recreate.

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