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The 7 K-Beauty Lip Tints NYLON Editors Swear By

Does a TikTok-viral ARTESINSA Dewy Fit Tint stand up to the test?

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Over the last couple of years, TikTok creators have been testing their makeup more and more aggressively, running their fingers through their eyebrows to “prove” the hair is real (not drawn-on) or encouraging the use of eyebrow tint as a semi-permanent lip liner. It’s not enough anymore for beauty products to be long-lasting — they have to be nearly invincible. And right now, the reigning product in the immovable-makeup game is the lip tint, with the corresponding hashtag reaching more than 4.5 billion views on TikTok.

In trying many types ourselves, we have thoughts on what makes the ultimate lip tint. It needs to give color that’s both natural and buildable, last all day while staying put under liner or gloss, and not dry out despite long wear. And in our testing, we found that it’s mainly K-Beauty brands that hit this trifecta (South Korea's cosmetics industry is known for innovation, after all).

Below, read on for the top seven tried-and-true K-Beauty lip tints — all with impressive staying power — that team NYLON swears by for lips that stay tinted, hydrated, and juicy.

Peripera Ink the Velvet Lip Tint

“This lip tint comes in over 38 shades on Amazon. It’s so popular that some creators on TikTok look like they’ve collected them all. The applicator feels like a lip gloss, and all the shades have a beautiful satin finish.” — Laura Pitcher, beauty writer

Rom& Juicy Lasting Tint

“This stays true to its name. With one swipe (or multiple, you decide) the formula leaves a gloss-like finish that fades into a natural-looking stain. For a hydrating effect, layer it with lip balm. It will never pill.”Dee Kwong, beauty intern

A’pieu Juicy Pang Water Tint

“A’pieu’s lip tints are subtle and hydrating enough to become my everyday lip color. With their see-through finish, the result looks like you just naturally have bright and rosy lips.” — Pitcher

WAKEMAKE Water Blurring Fixing Tint Renewal

“The more opaque look of WAKEMAKE Water Blurring Fixing Tint hits the sweet spot between matte and a sheer, ombre effect — something tint users love and look for. The formula is lightweight while giving more color coverage, perfect for those who have difficulty making their lip colors pop.” — Kwong


“This lip tint went viral on TikTok for a reason — you basically can’t take it off. Not only is it long-lasting, it’s very highly pigmented and comes in multiple buildable, bright shades, including a hot orchid pink.” — Pitcher

Dear Darling Water Gel Tint

“I was shocked at the formula's staying power. I remember wearing it to a dinner party where it lasted through hours of drinking, smoking, eating, and so much talking. Why couldn't lip tints available at Sephora achieve such lasting power at an incredible price point?” — Layla Halabian, culture editor

UNLEASHIA Non-Sticky Dazzle Tint

“When Unleashia says their lip tins are non-sticky, they mean it. I love that the formula is vegan and feels nourishing on my lips. There are even fun glittery colors.” — Pitcher