Kylie Jenner Ushers In A New Womanly Era With Her First Fragrance

An honest review of Cosmic.

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Kylie Jenner has never met a business venture she didn’t like. But after the launch of her new canned-vodka-soda line, the release of the beauty mogul’s new perfume feels so right, it’s hard to believe it’s her first-ever fragrance.

The 26-year-old mogul started Kylie Cosmetics in 2014, so we’ve had 10 years to wonder what her inevitable first fragrance would smell like. But Kylie’s no longer the same pink-haired, super-matte-lip-wearing teen we used to know; in that time, she had two kids, became even more wildly famous, and started dating Timothée Chalamet. Her life is markedly different now — and that makes it all the more intriguing to find out what Cosmic is really like. We got our hands on a bottle to find out.

What does it smell like?

The top notes of Cosmic are jasmine and blood orange, both of which make an equally strong impression. Oddly, I’ve found that sometimes, the initial spritz strikes me as pure creamy jasmine, and other times, I feel the citrus leading. Either way, the initial hit is sweet — natural, not sugary — and inviting. There’s no “getting used to it” curve with this fragrance — it’s immediately appealing and balanced without leaning too floral, fruity, or musky.

The heart notes include golden amber and red peony, but the former is really where this fragrance lives. For most of the wear, the fragrance feels only slightly floral and is instead led by the cozy scent of amber. The final dry-down is to vanilla musk and cedarwood, which only heightens the warm and cuddly vibes.

Perfume lovers will be glad to know that this perfume lasts. I spritzed it on myself and my shirt while getting ready in the morning and still smelled it as I was getting in an Uber to go out to dinner. What it leaves behind is still warm and creamy but less flowery than it begins.

Who is it for?

To me, this feels like the fragrance of a woman who’s feminine but not overly precious or girly. Plus, without having a real day and night designation, it’s great for someone who just wants one really satisfying fragrance for all purposes. And rather than feeding the mall-counter stereotype of a celebrity fragrance, this scent would look at home next to your Byredo. The organically shaped bottle is notably understated and logo-free.

Final Verdict:

Cosmic is an inviting and people-pleasing amber floral. It’s not the most unique fragrance I’ve ever smelled, but it does signify a new, more ladylike era for Kylie Jenner. For as much fun as it would be to see her rebellious 2010s King Kylie persona back in full force (colorful wigs, block brows, and all), what we’re getting now is Kylie at the Golden Globes in vintage Hanae Mori — more grown-up and beautifully feminine than ever before.