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Lil Nas X Is Already Bringing Back This Divisive 2010s Trend

The musician just revealed a new gray hair look.

Lil Nas X keeps everyone on their toes when it comes to breaking the mold and setting his own trends. Within just the past few months, we have seen the musician go from flowing blonde curls to an ice white wig with blunt bangs while promoting the release of his single “Star Walkin’ to braids on the runway at Coach’s NYFW show. Lil Nas X has turned quite a few looks since he first came on the scene with his glam cowboy aesthetic during the “Old Town Road” era. In the past few years he’s particularly leaned into beauty both on the red carpet and as an ambassador for YSL, opting to wear makeup and change up his hair for almost any occasion. On Tuesday October 18, Lil Nas X revealed his latest hair change up— gravity defying curls with intentionally dyed gray tips.

The rapper’s latest new hair color reveal calls back to the divisive 2010s trend when prematurely dyed gray, lavender, and icy blue hair was a viral Tumblr and early Instagram hair trend. The transitional natural black to gray graduation also feels very of the mid 2010s, when ombré ends became a ubiquitous hairstyle for all hair colors. In recent years, platinum white hair has been the unsurprising evolution for this disputed and exceptionally hard to maintain hairstyle.

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It’s hard to tell what Lil Nas X will do next—nor would we ever want his beauty choices to become predictable. While everyone is still obsessed with early aughts beauty trends, he’s already pushed forward to the next decade of nostalgic hair moments. Even though we didn’t get the tutorial on how he achieved this look like he shared his humous instant noodles hair TikTok tutorial in the past, there are DIY hair color kits to achieve this look at home. Back in February, Euphoria actress, Storm Reid debuted her platinum color with Dark and Lovely Uplift Hair Bleach Kit that helps bleach without compromising natural coils and curls. So if you feel you can rock the silver surfer look like Lil Nas X, you may want to hop on it and be well ahead of the trend curve.