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15 Brightest Dyes For The Neon Hair Of Your Dreams

Get glowing.

It’s no coincidence that over the past few of years, with more people spending more time at home and working remotely, there has been a surge in at-home hair experiments. It has given people confidence to attempt everything from at-home haircuts—including shaving their heads—to trying extreme neon hair colors. Although the trend is not necessarily new, with bold brights being prominently sported by celebrities like as Nicki Minaj and by Lil’ Kim, recently, there’s been a new uptick in neon hair interest. Just this June, Megan Fox and MGK walked the red carpet together sporting matching matching Barbie-pink neon hair— proving two neon heads are better than one.

The appeal of DayGlo hair lies in how these colors act as a highlighter, actively drawing attention and helping you stand out and get noticed. It’s just the right hair transformation for the extroverted and the newly courageous for whom a natural hair color will no longer suffice. There’s never been a better time to try it, after all, as the viral TikTok says, having colored hair doesn’t make you unprofessional. So why not see if you’re meant to be a bright hair person? Below, we’ve rounded up the best neon hair dyes for every in-demand ultra-bright shade.

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Neon Pink

Neon Red

Neon Orange

Neon Yellow

Neon Green

Neon Blue

Neon Purple