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Rihanna Declares Bubblegum Pink Spring’s Next Big Lip Color Trend

Naturally, it’s Fenty Beauty.

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When it comes to makeup recommendations, there’s one celebrity we will forever take advice from, and that’s her royal highness, Rihanna. Not only does she own a billionaire dollar beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, but she’s also consistently proven herself to be a style and beauty icon, whether she’s wearing only lingerie, leading fabulous couple outfits, or serving looks throughout her pregnancy. Her level of excellence is something mere mortals can only aspire to imitate, which is why we love it when she lets us in on some of her favorite tips and tricks—especially when it comes to beauty. Now, Rihanna is letting us in on to her favorite lipgloss shade of the moment, posting her “new obsession” to her Instagram story today.

While we might think of Rihanna best wearing her original iconic, looks-good-on-everyone neutral Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminzier or a rockstar red lipstick, her new favorite lip color is a surprising departure. “I’m not gon’ lie, we f*cked this new lipgloss color up!!! #BubbleBinge is easily my new obsession,” RiRi wrote over a video of her trying on the new shade. Wearing jeans, a t-shirt, and showing off her baby bump, Rihanna wears glowy natural makeup with bright bubblegum pink lipgloss that instantly elevates the otherwise casual look. Luckily for us, it’s available from Fenty Beauty for only $21.

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Fenty Beauty’s new Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Lip Cream has taken the brand’s signature sheer gloss and added new creamy colors, and more shine for a more high impact look. The gloss makes lips look instantly smoother and more voluminous in all of the six universally-flattering and shimmer-free shades. With Riri herself declaring Bubble Binge, the poppy hot pink color, her favorite of the new shades, it’s a shoe-in to be the next big lip color trend of spring 2022. But if you’re nervous about the bright pigment, worry not as the Fenty Lip Cream formulas are buildable, so you can decide how much coverage you’d like to add depending on the occasion.

The new lipgloss already has rave reviews (and not just from Rihanna herself) so is worth trying if you’re a lip gloss fan who’s looking to inject more color into your makeup looks. You can buy Rihanna’s spring obsession from the Fenty Beauty website— just act quick before Riri sells it out by posting about it.

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