Tove Lo’s Steamy Club Anthem & 8 Of The Best New Songs Out This Week

Plus, Normani’s debut album is finally here.

by Carson Mlnarik

Every week, we bring you SOUNDCHECK — your destination for the best new music that hit the web over the course of the week. Because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week's roundup features nine of our favorite emerging and established artists.

“Heat” - Tove Lo & SG Lewis

Tove Lo’s ability to craft addictive and euphoric pop songs that demand to be played on the dance floor needs to be studied. With the help of SG Lewis, she’s constructed yet another bop as sweaty and sticky as its namesake.

“Big Boy” - Normani

The thumping opener on Normani’s long-awaited debut album is a confident shoutout to the singer’s Southern roots. Over a funky bass line tailor-made for your get-ready playlist, she twists the song’s title into a lyrical nod at Big Boi, flaunts her platinum records, and prepares us for a hit of Dopamine.

“Motorcycle” - Remi Wolf

Dripping in suburban fantasy, retro guitars, and vocals that drag like a cigarette, this summery slow burner makes a strong case for why “music to float in a pool to” should be its own genre.

“Power of Two” - Victoria Monét

Victoria Monét did not have to go this hard in a song for a Star Wars spinoff-series soundtrack, but its haunting lyrics and sinister sound will have you so glad she did.

“Massachusetts” - Jensen McRae

Listening to Jensen McRae almost feels too personal, as if every candid lyric was not just a line in a song, but an unraveling of her innermost thoughts. That’s especially true on the new relationship-memorializing track “Massachusetts,” which name-drops Christian Bale, recalls stoned fathers, and romanticizes hours spent playing video games.

“Perfume” - Pale Waves

This isn’t your mom’s ’80s music, but it is an ’80s song. With theatrical synths and Cranberries-esque cries, “Perfume” turns the world into a John Hughes movie for three minutes and 41 seconds — albeit one where everyone has iPhones.

“Adore U” - Khalid

This smooth R&B slow jam feels like one of those still-air summer nights, when the sun falls at a glacial pace, parking lots glow, the season feels endless, and all you want to do is surrender to the impeccable vibes.

“Too Easy” - Tanner Adell

It’s been too long since Nashville gave us a beer-spilling, booty-shaking female country-pop crossover. Thankfully, Tanner Adell — who appeared on Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter — is taking up the baton with a good-time bop featuring cheeky one-liners destined to caption every Insta pic you take on a boat this summer.

“Last Great American Summer” - SEB

Following in the great tradition of breezy June and July love songs like LFO’s “Summer Girls,” this on-the-nose tune is guaranteed to have you nostalgic for a season that hasn’t even started yet.