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Suki Waterhouse Also Misses The Days When It Girls Were Messy

Don’t we all?

by Michelle Santiago Cortés

It’s a lot easier to romanticize the past than it is to enjoy the present. And when it comes to the 2010s, we have the messy youth culture, the early days of social media, the indie sleaze, and, of course, the It Girls on which to look back fondly.

In a recent interview with British Vogue, Suki Waterhouse — the 2010s It Girl-turned-pop-star and new mom — joins in on the nostalgia. “Didn’t you feel like there was an energy then that’s a little bit lost now?” she said. “Everything’s become so clean. You would look at all of us and think, ‘Oh, they’re actually having fun.’”

Waterhouse launched her career as a model when she was just a teenager. She soon became a nightlife fixture in London and beyond, partying with Cara Delevingne and Bianca May Jagger, dating the likes of Miles Kane, Diego Luna, and Bradley Cooper, and amassing an enviable collection of vintage clothing. But these days, Waterhouse has pivoted to acting, her music career, and her new baby with fiancé Robert Pattison. Notably, Waterhouse gave birth to her firstborn as well as her latest record, Memoir of a Sparklemuffin, in the same week; just over a month later, she performed at Coachella. Though her priorities might have shifted, energy is one thing Waterhouse most definitely isn’t lacking.