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The Hottest Bag Of 2023 Has Just Been Named

Rebag’s Clair Report reveals that this New York brand has surpassed Hermès in retaining retail value for the second year in a row.

Fashion is always on the hunt for the next “It” thing, but there’s one bag that still remains at the top of everyone’s wishlist: According to Rebag’s year-end luxury-market report, Telfar’s shopping tote took the No. 1 spot as 2023’s most-favorited bag.

Using data from its pricing tool Clair, the accessories platform tracked customer shopping behaviors to reveal that Telfar’s tiny purse earned more favorites over the last 12 months than Gucci’s Marmont Flap Bag and Chanel’s Double Flap Quilted Bag. The “Bushwick Birkin” label, which Rebag named the top-performing brand of 2022, also achieved a 228% average value retention this year, once again surpassing Hermès (retaining 110% of its retail value, in comparison). Overall, several top luxury brands experienced declines in their average value retention due to primary-market price increases exceeding those in the secondary market — which basically gives us another reason to shop secondhand, where there are still deals to be found.

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We chalk it up to Telfar’s inclusive ethos — “not for you, for everyone” — that still attracts a cult following of customers and celebrities who want to snag the “Bushwick Birkin” in every size and colorway. And despite the constant threat of inflation, the brand continues to keep its prices within reach — both reasons why we wouldn’t be too surprised to see a Telfar three-peat in 2024.