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December 2022’s Full Moon In Gemini Is A Doozy

December 2022’s full moon in Gemini is the final full moon of the year — and it’s not going to be easy. Sorry!

In her cathartic single “American Teenager,” Ethel Cain belts out what might be the most apt lyric for the astrology of 2022: “It’s just not my year.” The cosmic weather has been stormy from start to finish — the year kicked off in the midst of a Venus retrograde in Capricorn transit, eclipses raged on the Taurus-Scorpio node cycle, and the current Mars in Gemini transit has been nothing short of tumultuous. And we’re not totally out of the woods quite yet; the full moon in Gemini on December 7 is going to low-key suck. Despite all of the above, it’s important to never fear the astrology. Bumpy transits build character! Take a deep breath, grab your journal, and find out how to make the most of the full moon in Gemini, below.

The Gemini chronicles

While it by no means marks the end of the world, the full moon in Gemini on December 7 is not an easy lunation. The luminary sits exactly conjunct to Mars retrograde in Gemini. A conjunction to Mars — the planet of action, anger, and conflict — signals an aggravation, and it is only intensified by the planet’s current retrograde. Look to where Gemini lands in your birth chart to see where this irritation may be illuminated when the moon blooms at 11:08 p.m. EST. (Pro-tip: Read your rising sign horoscope.)

“Any lightning strikes of clarity or direction [during a Mars retrograde] should be given a few days to integrate; you may find yourself losing steam, or doubling back on yourself, no matter how sure you were just a few days ago,” notes NYLON astrologer David Odyssey. “Mars retrogrades are not times for output, but for observation, review, and downloading. Connect with your influences and mull over the path you’d like to take.”

The full moon & Saturn

In addition to its conjunction with Mars retrograde, the full moon in Gemini will trine Saturn in Aquarius. While Saturn may strike fear into hearts like a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Big Bad, the planet of time and boundaries is actually on your side — if you have your sh*t together, that is. A trine, benefic in nature, is the perfect opportunity to take the information gleaned during a full moon and figure out how to use it to level up your life. After all, the chatterbox air sign rules communication. Keep that in mind during this lunation.

Making the best of the full moon in Gemini

Listen, I know that everyone is jumping at the chance to manifest at every lunation, but December’s full moon in Gemini is not ripe for such practices. Much like with eclipses, use this full moon as a chance to observe, reflect, and jot down some advice from astrologer Lauren Ash: “As retrogrades encourage us to look back and rethink, and it’s exactly conjunct this full moon, take the information you’re given by this full moon and reassess where you’re putting your time, effort, passion, and energy. Rethink about what is the focus of your life and if you’re putting yourself first.”