How To Dress For Your Birth Chart, According To An Astrologer
Taryn Bond


How To Dress For Your Birth Chart, According To An Astrologer

For astrologer Taryn Bond, the key to zodiac fashion is found in our rising and Venus signs.

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Finding your personal style can be a challenge. How do you know which trends will suit you? And how do you even figure out what your unique style vibe is? As it turns out, astrology has a lot to say on the subject: More specifically, the rising and Venus signs.

ICYMI, a person’s birth chart is made up of a whole lot more than the sun sign, aka which zodiac sign the sun was in at the time of birth. With multiple planets and points strewn about the signs, our individual cosmic identities can not only explain our personalities, dreams, and fears, but also our aesthetics. Looking to placements that govern beauty and style for clues can open up a new realm of personal style that’s rooted in complementing your natural star-given energy.

These sartorial answers may be found in the rising and Venus signs, according to professional astrologer Taryn Bond, who recommends playing with both placements. Bond practices what she preaches, regularly dressing for her rising and Venus signs, as well as guiding her robust TikTok audience to utilize astrology to enhance their personal style.

“The rising sign is based off the ascendant point, which starts with the first house in astrology, which is the house of yourself, your body, and your physical appearance,” Bond tells NYLON. “When you dress with things that match the energy of your rising sign, you'll find oftentimes these designs will complement you physically.”

“You can almost say things that match your rising sign match your aura or your overall feel,” Bond explains, which in turn creates a sense of harmony. For example, Leo risings are advised to wear gold jewelry because the sign has been historically associated with the precious metal. “When [Leo risings] choose gold, it's said to literally just complement and boost their energy as well as their physical appearance,” says Bond.

While the rising sign is more physically complementary, Venus speaks more to the aesthetic. “Venus is the planet of beauty and aesthetics and attraction,” she says. The planet is often attributed to a person’s tastes, styles that complement their unique beauty, and what they’re naturally drawn toward. “People typically already really like styles that would match their Venus sign because it's what they're attracted to,” she continues.

In her TikTok, Bond recommends “asking” your Venus and rising sign to dress you, honing in on their planetary essences and wants. “The rising is said to be your instinctive action,” Bond notes. “What would that sign choose to put on? Just boiling it down to the essence of the sign: without a filter, without everything else to consider, how does this sign want to dress? And then just see, because you probably have things that match that sign. Likely, you've already been dressing somewhat like it.”

To find out what the universe has to say about your style, simply plug your exact birth time, date, and location into an online birth chart calculator. Take note of which zodiac sign you have your rising (aka ascendant) in, then do the same for Venus. Below, Bond breaks down how each of these placements can help you create a cosmically aligned OOTD.

How To Let Your Rising And Venus Sign Dress You

How can you use the elements to dress yourself?

“You definitely can broaden it to elements. It works to do that because fire, you can kind of boil down to being flashy and edgy. Very, like, leading trends kind of thing. Whereas air would be more actually working with trends, but also sometimes being counter-trendy. There's something about it, being a little bit of a ‘trickster’ in the fashion sense. They also might be very modern, like tech-wear. Whereas earth would be casual-cool, more elegant, more timeless, but definitely practical, too. And water's going to be more loose, flowy, sometimes retro, like a reminiscent, dreamy way of dressing.”

Is there a difference between having your rising in X with Venus in Y and having your rising in Y with Venus in X?

“If you want to keep it simple, then no, you could just say, ‘OK, Leo energy, Scorpio energy.’ But if you want to get really specific, you would typically go for the physical quality — texture, color, fit. The physical quality of clothes, accessories, and jewelry, would match your rising sign, whereas the style would match the Venus sign. For example, Leo rising, Scorpio Venus might be more like this Victorian goth kind of look, whereas Scorpio rising, Leo Venus might be luxury pieces, high-end fabrics, and things that complement the figure.”

What are the physical qualities each rising sign can reach for?

Aries Rising:

“Aries rising would be focused a lot on the head and the upper body. An Aries rising wants to maybe literally go for things that physically center around the head, like wearing a hat or doing makeup. Aries rising sometimes wants to play with harsher materials and textures. Aries rising people have this warrior quality to them. If anyone can get away with just wearing leather, Aries rising can. It can be a little bit more harsh in terms of the textures and the styles, like they could even go almost armor-ish or warrior-ish with the way that they dress. They don't need anything super soft or flowy, in fact, it can be the opposite.”

Taurus Rising:

“Taurus rising physical qualities [are] clothes that are loose and flowing, soft fabrics, even silk. A very luxury feel, things that maybe are ‘less is more.’ Taurus risings might want to have some very timeless pieces that they did invest in and just kind of work those different ways in their outfits. It’s kind of got a goddess energy to it, so things that kind of have that luxe feeling.”

Gemini Rising:

“Gemini is interesting. They might actually be the one who wants to mix multiple patterns or mix multiple different assets, different layered necklaces that are different colors, or something. Either patterns mixed or colors mixed, or just a lot of something.”

Cancer Rising:

“I would say something tighter-fitting on top and looser on the bottom, and soft fabrics again, delicate things even, like, button-ups would be very good, maybe more feminine, you know, regardless of their gender, just more feminine-presenting. Even a tiny, dainty, thin-chain necklace would be very Cancer rising in terms of the physical qualities of what they'd go for.”

Leo Rising:

“Gold, for sure. Go for golds, deep blues, maybe the royal colors. It could even be jewels, like literally wearing jewels of some sort. It’s something that catches your eye, but has that energy of like, ‘This is important, this is big, look at this.’ Also just doing the hair. If a Leo rising has their hair done, the outfit will follow very easily. It's all about the hair for Leo risings.”

Virgo Rising:

“Honestly, with the energy of Virgo rising, something that literally takes time to put on. Things that have multiple buttons, like a corset, or layered necklaces that they have to clasp every one, or lace-up boots. Things that literally take their conscious attention to put on. Also, things that are loved, never anything that's falling apart, but something that's like a worn-in pair of Doc Martens. That feeling of worn leather or how your favorite jeans fit — things that are worn-in just because they've been loved. The consistency of having their favorite pieces is a very Virgo rising thing.”

Libra Rising:

“Libra risings often want to have color. Oftentimes they can do monotone, but they can do just something with a color somewhere. So even if it's one color, maybe they'll wear different shades of pink. Libra risings can get away with having color in their hair, even if it's kind of natural-looking, same with makeup. But definitely, I'd say a pop of color for Libra rising people.”

Scorpio Rising:

“Scorpio rising can be kind of one way or the other because that's the Scorpio energy. It’s all-or-nothing in terms of being very physically flattering and complementary to the physical body, and kind of sexy. Something that's really going to make people wonder and that's not showing much off at all. Just that energy of things with some level of intrigue.

It's ruled by Mars, so just like Aries, Scorpio risings can get away with things that are less comfortable and more stylish. They could get away with leather or things that are a little bit tighter and maybe not so comfortable because the sign values that presentation energy a little bit. You could say dark colors with Scorpio rising, but it can be more subtle than that too.”

Sagittarius Rising:

“So definitely something physically that shows off the figure, especially the lower body. Usually, Sagittarius is known for having honestly, like, great calves, legs, booty — just really, really toned. And so any area that a Sagittarius rising works in the gym, tight clothes around that part of their body [works well]. Things that have a bendable — a mutable, literally — fabric. You could even say high-end athletic wear, but something that will allow them to move, but also show off their figure.”

Capricorn Rising:

“Capricorn rising, being ruled by Saturn, honestly, all black. If anyone can pull off all black it’s Capricorn rising. For them, it's whatever makes the most sense when you wake up: Walk into your closet, grab the first thing. It's very practically focused. They typically already know what works for them. They already know what fabric they can look good to sit down and work in. A big part of Capricorn rising fashion is their energy and the fact that they actually don't have much to prove, or the time to prove it.”

Aquarius Rising:

“Aquarius rising physical qualities would be combining things that don't make sense, but that the Aquarius rising person likes, like a baggy T-shirt with boots and a little skirt. Basically, Aquarius rising people oftentimes will want to have something that speaks to their niche, whatever it may be. Aquarius rising can totally do a very classy outfit and then put, like, a Star Wars pin on. Having something that speaks to what they're into is really big there. Also, graphic shirts that say something could be very Aquarius rising.

They really seem to shine when they combine things that don't make sense. Aquarius rising is ruled by two planets that don't make sense together, Saturn and Uranus. It's all about it being a little bit shocking and controversial or contradicting with Aquarius rising. Contradicting patterns, colors, even textures, like fishnets with something that's like a polyester T-shirt, but they make it look cool.”

Pisces Rising:

“Soft and gentle fabrics for Pisces rising, nothing too tight or restrictive. It's the fish: You want to be able to move around. No fabric or shirt or anything that you would agonize over staining because Pisces are really moving through life. Neutral, soft, and gentle, but they don't need, like, the silk thing. Pisces just wants something that's comfortable, but also that they know that they're going to go float around in life. Usually more muted colors too.”

What kinds of style and aesthetics can each Venus sign reach for?

Aries Venus:

“Aries Venus style is going to be different from one Aries Venus to the next, but Aries is the leader, so it’s bold. Aries Venus is trying out trends before they've hit the mainstream. No matter what the style is, Aries Venus is looking ahead, 'What do I feel like is coming next? What have I seen a little bit, but it still hasn't been accepted because it's a little bit like, ‘Whoa people really wear that?' That's what Aries Venus is going for. It’s fearless style, wearing what others won't.

Also, Aries Venus, let your style change in a very un-subtle way. You can go from being goth to whatever, overnight. Aries Venus can do that because it's all about being bold and very edgy, and that fearlessness, [and being] unapologetically themselves. If that self changes, so does your style, and it's dramatic.”

Taurus Venus:

“Taurus can go kind of the more low-key style. Sometimes Taurus Venus people will honestly go more of the grounded, you could even say hippie, style — not over the top. Or Taurus Venus will go for a very chic, expensive look, whether or not it's actually expensive. It's almost like having less things that feel very good, but never over the top, never too much, not anything conflicting, keeping colors pretty consistent. It's going to look like, 'Oh, I just threw this on, but everything I have is so awesome that I look great.' You can tell their style is quality over quantity.

Going for a hippie, kind of the granola look could be very Taurus Venus, too. It just depends on the rest of the chart. If there are Leo placements, probably not. For Taurus Venus, whatever their style, it's consistent.”

Gemini Venus:

“Gemini Venus often might actually find themselves really wanting to always mix masculine and feminine pieces in the same outfit. Quite literally shopping both sections all the time, something like that. They can really enjoy tech-wear, you could say, but also just having their AirPods and having their technology with them. Y2K is very, very Gemini because it's very influenced by media. Whatever's trending with Gen Z on TikTok, Gemini Venus might gravitate towards that, and then want to make it their own at the same time. The more unexpected, the better. It’s definitely a mixing-and-matching thing.”

Cancer Venus:

“I kind of think of Cancer Venus style as dressing like you're in a silent film reel from a July afternoon in 1940 — very retro, very nostalgic style, you know, softer colors probably. Sometimes they want to just do the sweats look, too. They want to be comfortable, which works as well. I think the romantic, floral, kind of older aesthetic is really good. Like Lana Del Rey energy. A lot of her music videos are very Cancer Venus vibes.”

Leo Venus:

“With Leo Venus, the style matches the imagination. The style matches how the inner child used to want to dress. Oftentimes it'll be unapologetic glam. It doesn't have to be so flashy, but you're making life your red carpet. What is your inner child like? If your inner child wanted to be a princess, can you start to wear more dresses? Or if your inner child wanted to be an astronaut, can you literally dress super futuristic? It's all about the imagination and what the inspired vision was. Dress like you're going where you want to be going — that's your Venus in Leo style.”

Virgo Venus:

“Virgo Venus honestly can get away with letting themselves dress a little bit more — if they want — sexier because they can really rock form-fitting things. Typically, because we are looking at a Venus that is in the sign of its fall, Virgo can be a little hardcore. Venus doesn't love to be there. Although part of them wants to be very people-pleasing and likable, typically their secret fashion sense is actually a little bit more edgy. Like fishnets, maybe chokers — a lot of them deep down always want to dress like that so they typically can pull it off very well. It matches that fall in Venus energy of creating their own relationship with what beauty is, which oftentimes is by actually dressing kind of sexy. Virgo Venus can be good with just having things that are more understated, too. Not all Virgo Venuses need to dress sexy, but if they want to, if there's a part of them inside that does, they might want to try that.”

Libra Venus:

“Libra Venus feels very Y2K sometimes. I don't want to say dress like a pop star-ish, but that works for Libra Venus. Things that have some girly energy to it, Libra Venus can do well with that. Libra Venus is opposite Aries. Aries is trying to lead the trend. They'll have a sense of maybe what the trend is going to be someday and they're going to go do it fearlessly. The opposite sign, Libra Venus, they are wearing what's coming out today in Vogue. They are perfectly on-trend. They're perfectly with the times. Cher from Clueless is very Libra Venus.”

Scorpio Venus:

“Venus is in a Mars-ruled sign when it's in Scorpio, so this is being drawn towards something that's a little bit more of an edgy style. It's based on what you like and how you feel versus what the world likes, what's aesthetically pleasing, and what's fashionable. Scorpio Venus can really let themselves dress to match kind of how they feel, something with a statement piece, but still mysterious. It's going to keep people guessing. Scorpio Venus style will be about sending the message: ‘I don't really care, but maybe I do. You can't tell.’”

Sagittarius Venus:

“Oftentimes they are really the ones to go for the athleisure look, so a style that they can wear multiple places. It's versatility: like, go to the park, go to class, you can even put on a little bit of makeup and wear it out. Sagittarius Venus might really want to play with layering their clothes for the same reason, so that if they end up going out after a day of classes and work and never going home, then they can just take off a layer or add one.”

Capricorn Venus:

“Capricorn Venus is retro oftentimes. I think specifically like, the ‘70s look for Capricorn Venus. Since it's ruled by Saturn, which includes traditions, a lot of times Capricorn Venus can really find their personal style by indulging themselves in forgotten styles of the past few decades. What were people wearing? What was on the cover of Vogue 30 years ago? Because Capricorn Venus is very nostalgic and they can kind of connect with this energy by once again shining light on a trend long gone. Capricorn Venus can really pull off the old trends, they can even, depending on the rest of the chart, depending on the rising sign, Capricorn Venus can do Gogo boots. Even looking at the way, like, their mom used to dress and being like, 'Wow, part of me feels that,' because there is that love of tradition and timelessness.”

Aquarius Venus:

“For Aquarius Venus, the first style I kind of feel for them is skater chic. Oversized T-shirts, looking super cool, but also edgy. If there's something kind of controversial, they’re making a statement about it. Aquarius Venus lets the accessories tell a story. Aquarius Venus is the one who can be wearing a bunch of different types of stones, like crystals. It's the last air sign, so their aesthetic taste is thought out, there's something meaningful behind everything that they put on. But it can totally be eclectic too, it doesn't mean it's all going to mean the same thing. It can mean a lot of different little messages for them personally.”

Pisces Venus:

“Pisces Venus can kind of go a little bit on the magical side. Like, Tinker Bell, Stevie Nicks, Phoebe from Friends — that kind of whimsy-ness. It doesn't have to match. It's not about it looking like a certain aesthetic because Pisces is everything. Whatever the inner dream world looks like for Pisces Venus that day, dress like that. Maybe you're doing a fairy outfit or you're just covered in sparkles one day, and then you're kind of dressing a little more goth another day. Pisces Venus could want to do that sometimes. It's very much drawing out the inner world of mysteries and just dressing like that. Pisces Venus fashion almost looks untouchable, like they're floating off.

Pisces is the sign of media and movies. Pisces Venus can literally get away with dressing like any of their favorite characters from TV or movies. They can find their fashion style icon in whatever TV shows and movies they used to love or maybe the ones they do now. Pisces Venus will be the ones to make their own jewelry, or maybe they bought this old T-shirt and somehow they just cut it one way, and now it's a beautiful skirt, and nobody knows how they just did that.”

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