Your Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2023 Survival Guide


Mercury Retrograde In Taurus 2023: Say No To Settling

2023’s Mercury retrograde in Taurus sets off a review of money and self-worth.

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From April 21 through May 14, Mercury retrogrades in Taurus, initiating an erase and rewind in matters of personal stability and finance. In Greek mythology, Mercury, or Hermes, was thought of as the voice, or herald, of the Olympic pantheon. As a planetary archetype, Mercury functions similarly, synthesizing and disseminating the transmissions of the other heavenly bodies. Hermes’ Tarot card is the Magician, the upright, active master capable of channeling all elements. As the bridge between the mortal and the divine, Mercury integrates the towering changes wrought by the stars into our personal lives.

When Mercury retrogrades — an illusion in which, from the earth’s view, another planet seemingly “falls backward” in its orbit — it’s as if the Magician is closing shop, so that he may polish his cauldron and reset his wand. Mercury’s purview is all things practical, physical, and actionable: our daily conversations, projects, liaisons, and encounters. During a retrograde, these daily interactions and collisions can fall into chaos; emails vanish, paychecks don’t arrive, contract negotiations stall, and normally straightforward interactions are bungled. While the shop is closed, Mercury doesn’t want to work, but to review, repair, and reorganize the inventory.


Taurus is the sign of personal autonomy — over one’s finances, body, sexuality, values, career, style, and self-projection. Its central tenet is ownership. In the current cultural climate, personal rights are under fire: access to abortion, gender self-determination, and even the right to do drag. Meanwhile, with Pluto in Aquarius, the digital worlds which have become the stages of our self-projection are sputtering to a meltdown. For the last few years, we’ve waited for the world to let up, so that we can start our lives. In Taurus, this retrograde commands a realignment of personal goals, ambitions, limits, and desires. Forget the larger freakshow: What are your needs? What is your mission? What do you want to do this year? Taurus may be one of the zodiac’s most myopic, self-indulgent signs, but to correct the imbalances of a one-size-fits all culture clash, we’ll need to recenter ourselves as protagonists, and not pawns.

At stake over this retrograde are matters of value. How do your salary, wardrobe, communications, and daily life reflect your inner self worth? Where have you sold yourself short, under-earned, or left yourself compromised? And, conversely, where have you let yourself slide into self-aggrandizement, spending far beyond your means and avoiding reality? Taurus is all about embodied power, about declaring our inner wealth through outer expression. Whether you’re living larger than you can afford to, or keeping yourself benighted to please others, it’s time to reset the scales.

In terms of creativity, consider this a reboot period. In our Jupiter in Taurus explainer, we likened Jupiter’s tour of Aries as the “making of,” the studio time when new art, movements, and ideas are born into the consciousness of the decade. Jupiter’s foray into Taurus, from May 16, 2023 through May 2024, is the figurative release, when those new ideas are exhibited to the world in a final form. Over the last year, what new projects have you initiated? How has your image of “you” changed? What nascent collaborations feel full of possibility? What’s been cooking beneath the surface? When Jupiter enters Taurus, you’re invited to debut all that you’ve been building. This Mercury retrograde, then, is a critical review period, to align everything you’ve been working on for what comes next.


It’s certain that when the planet of expansion (Jupiter) enters Taurus (money), inflation will further balloon, and bubbles primed for bursting will do so. It’s also probable that new industries, investments, and opportunities will emerge, ripe with possibility. Either way, you don’t want to show up broke for this one. One way or another, this retrograde will concern cash, and you’ll be best-served by a hardcore shakedown of your accounts. You’re not in trouble, nor does anyone have an ambush planned for you. Rather, you’re invited to cultivate the bull’s strength, solidity, and longevity as it relates to money.

Take this time to consolidate resources and willpower for the season to come. Nobody knows how to cancel plans like a Taurus; you’re well-suited following their lead. This summer promises to be hot, chaotic, and creatively explosive. Now’s the time to get in shape, to change your personal direction from subsumed to centered. Sleep longer, save money, and discern which engagements are really worth your time.

Because for Taurus, it’s all about worth — and Mercury will throw wrenches at you until every aspect of your life is aligned with it. Pay attention to which illusory monoliths, limiting projects, and untenable fantasies come crashing down, and question why you were trying so hard to keep them going. Mercury, the god of communication, wants you to live authentically, in line with your values and potential. So cut the act! Own your insolvencies, recognize where you settle for too little, and let your delusions fall by the wayside. Face this retrograde head on, and you’ll feel whole, integrated, and ready to show the world who you are.

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