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Behold Anya Taylor-Joy's Collection Of Fun Red-Carpet Headpieces

Method dressing, down to the accessories.

Not to brag, but we called it early on personality hats being a thing. But now, it’s moved on from being a nano-trend among fashion people to the red carpet, where we’ve seldom seen trophy headgear apart from, say, Zendaya and Sarah Jessica Parker at the Met Gala.

Basically as soon as she touched down at the 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, Anya Taylor-Joy has been parading around in a series of fanciful headgear that might recall the bucolic beginnings of her Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga character. First, there was a burnt-orange, one-shoulder Atlein dress paired with a doorway-width Jacquemus hat; add a pair of dark sunglasses and a red lip, and the effect was total “movie star.” Next came a white Jacquemus bodysuit with a sheer overlay styled with another of the brand’s editorial-catnip straw chapeaux. Here, the ribbon acted as jewelry to up the visual interest while breaking up the expanse of bare skin between face and neck. (Though anyone who’s ever worn a hiking hat will have the same question: What did she and stylist Ryan Hastings use to keep the tie from feeling like a garrote? Double-sided tape? A secret Command hook hidden by her hair? We shall investigate.)

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Most recently, Taylor-Joy attended the photo call for Furiosa in a cropped, raw-hemmed Jil Sander skirt suit — and, interestingly, a chainmail-fringe party cap straight out of Tender Is The Night. Call it business on the bottom, flapper hedonism on top — but the juxtaposition certainly isn’t snoozy (and fits the film’s more well-known biker theme).

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Though Furiosa had its world premiere on May 15 — to which the actress wore custom New Look-y Christian Dior and nothing on her head but a multicoil chignon — Cannes isn’t over yet. Which means we might still have a chance of spotting Taylor-Joy in a diadem... maybe worn with a tattered, charred ball gown.