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The 7 Biggest Makeup Trends Of Winter 2023

Inspired by the past but totally ahead of the curve.

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In winter there are basically only two modes: up to your eyeballs in layers or formally dressed up for some kind of celebration. In either case, your face will be the focal point, so you’re going to need to think about your makeup.

Typically, beauty during this season tends to skew towards reflective and glittery, but this year also brings several new takes that are equally party-ready. In particular, we’re seeing inspiration from the ‘60s and ‘90s, which feels cool and surprisingly fresh in the age of the “strawberry girl” and “latte makeup.” What does that look like in practice? Maybe a mod eye with your favorite glossy lip oil, or skinny brows to set off intense glitter eyeliner. Ahead, we’ve rounded up winter 2023’s about-to-be-big makeup trends for you to try right now — and into the new year.

Notice-Me Glitter

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“Getting ready for holiday parties and going out sparkling and shimmering gives you a fun confidence boost,” says makeup artist Allan Avendaño. But this season, shift the focus by wearing glitter any way other than right on your eyelid. Try a sprinkling of gems across your brows and temples or even go for full-on sparkly lips.

Priscilla-Inspired Eyes

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The appeal of Priscilla Presley’s signature look is that all the drama around your eyes makes them look bigger. Mega-thick eyeliner is often considered the star of this look, but don’t sleep on the spiky individual lashes with lots of mascara to really create that ’60s doe-eyed look, says makeup artist Buster Knight.

’90s Brick Lipstick

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A red-lip resurgence is nothing new this time of year, but this season’s preferred moody, brick shade is a bit different than past iterations. Think ’90s Drew Barrymore and Liv Tyler, but round out the look with dewy, highlighted skin instead of the pre-turn-of-the-millennium hyper-matte finish.

Barely-There Brows

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Also plucked (pun intended) from the ’90s is the pencil-thin brow. The antithesis of the “clean girl” fluffy, bushy brow, these arches are sharp and well-manicured, and they let eye makeup take center stage. But you don’t necessarily need to commit to an all-new shape — brushing brow hairs down instead of fluffing and feathering them out can create a similar temporary effect.

Wind-Flushed Cheeks

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Makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes expects to see many more pretty-in-pink ballet-core looks this season, as they’re “the perfect balance between a natural daytime look and something you could wear with a cocktail dress,” she says. For winter, choose a shade that’s deeper and rosier to emulate your skin after you’ve been outside in the cold. Knight also notes that the luminous look is especially great for chilly weather as it plays well with the heavy moisturizers and nourishing oils you might also need this season.

“Pinpoint Painting”

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“Pinpoint painting” is the technique everyone will be talking about TikTok. As Hughes explains, “it means being super precise with your application of complexion products just where needed instead of all over the face.” For the most natural, skin-like base possible, dot on concealer and blend it thoughtfully with an eyeshadow brush, Hughes says.

Emerald & Sapphire Shadows

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Avendaño says he’s seeing more people experimenting with rich, poppy colors to add an element of play to their standard makeup looks. He suggests choosing jewel-toned blues and greens because they’re the most wearable brights — and they’ll stand out from the traditional Champagne, bronze, or gold shimmers. (See the green eyeshadow look he created on Lana Condor for Paris Fashion Week.)