June 2023’s Full Moon In Sagittarius Goes Overboard

How to make the most of June's full moon in Sagittarius magic.

Sitting across from Gemini in astrology is Sagittarius, the zodiac’s great explorer. Armed with its bow and arrow (plus, its insatiable thirst for knowledge), the centaur will sprint in any direction, as long as it ends in adventure. The saying “go big or go home” was probably invented by a Sagittarius, and any transit through the fire sign is getting some major amplification — especially June 2023’s full moon in Sagittarius.

Full moons can often become somatic hot beds, and Sagittarius full moons can level up the intensity. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the benevolent magnifying glass of the cosmos; Jupiter’s involvement means luck and bounty, and on the flip side, can bring about a case of cocky exaggeration. Right now, Jupiter is at the start of its year-long transit in Taurus, the fixed Earth sign that loves beautiful things and taking it slow. The bull hates to be rushed (ask any Taurus in your life to confirm this absolute truth) and is looking to build something stable that will last.

Jupiter’s transit through Taurus coinciding with a Jupiter-ruled full moon in Sagittarius buoyant at best, overbearing at worst. With Sagittarius, it’s always a straddling the line between having fun and overdoing it — the cautionary hazards of being the life of the party. June 2023’s full moon lunation, however, includes a square aspect, or point of conflict, to Saturn in Pisces; as the zodiac’s father figure, the “mean” patriarch who is obsessed with rules and boundaries, think of the square aspect as a reminder to not get wrapped up in the splendor of the full moon. Is it possible to go big without going overboard?

June 2023’s full moon in Sagittarius can be a breath of fresh air. First of all, it’s not an eclipse — and thank God for that! But its bold, dynamic energy is tied to an eclipse in a loose way; its ruler Jupiter will be conjunct to the north node, one of the two locations where eclipses go down. The north node is a place of desire, hunger, and at its most negative, greed. The story of this full moon in Sagittarius is not to ignore or diminish the abundance; any Sagittarius can tell you that life is about living. Instead, it’s time to enjoy life to its full while taking stock of our desires. Can rigorous moral inventory help you see your weak spots more clearly? What splendors await when you’re not getting carried away?

The full moon in Sagittarius occurs on June 3, at 11:42 pm EST. For more information on how the full moon in Sagittarius will affect you personally, read for your rising sign in NYLON’s June 2023 horoscope.