Your June 2023 Horoscope Is Hot — And Unhinged


Your June 2023 Horoscope Is Hot — And Unhinged

With Venus and Mars in Leo and a Sagittarius full moon, your June 2023 horoscope brings the spirit of fire to make anything feel possible

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The mechanized levers have begun to crank, and the countdown to digital doomsday has begun. All that we know about humanity and reality is up for discussion. And yet, at least for a little while longer, one current — or, shall we say, currency — remains: cash. In mid-May, the grand glorifier Jupiter entered Taurus, the sign of wealth and currency. The bull’s prized possession — gold — is proving to be a binding force over endless uncertainties: the E.U. slammed Meta with a $1.3 billion fine for violating international privacy rules; Disney escalated its game of financial risk with Florida governor Ron DeSantis; striking writers affirmed that, despite the suggested “love of work,” they won’t back down until they get properly paid; and both sides of the American political divide found some shaky unity in facing the apocalyptic debt ceiling meltdown.

Suffice it to say, for Jupiter’s year-long residency in Taurus, it’s all about cash, value and worth. With Pluto freshly in retrograde, we have a brief moment to stake our own claims and defend our values — while our future Cylon overlords prepare their next move. Jupiter hits the north node in Taurus on June 1, inspiring a promethean drive beyond survival and towards glory. Before the north node leaves Taurus for Aries in July, now’s the final time to channel all our imaginative potential into a well-fed future, one abounding in beauty, bliss and fat paychecks.

And if Taurus is the sign of value, Gemini puts all that to an exchange. With Mercury in the sign of the twins, its ruling domain, from June 11 through the 26th, we are encouraged to move from declarations and demands to open negotiation. Mercury is a trickster god, who enjoys playing the system; in Gemini, he relishes the process, the dialogue, the game. The month launches with a bold, brave, likely-unhinged Sagittarius full moon on the third; then, on the 18th, a Gemini new moon makes anything feel possible. If May armed you with the chutzpah to ask for more, June is the time for confrontation, ideally face-to-face. You’re craving some wild exposure; go learn by trial and error.

Gemini is the sign of direct experience, of discovering truth in the moment, through present engagement. This will be a necessary challenge to the summer’s all-consuming Leo pileup, already well underway. On June 5, Venus joins Mars and Lilith in the lion’s kingdom, leading up to one of the defining cosmic events of the year: Venus retrograde in Leo, lasting from July through September. Leo deals with the faces we show the world, the dignity we embody to inspire ourselves and others, and the public affirmation of our talents. With the active presence of a Gemini sun, we are called to confront the public faces we put up which feel dead and mummified. Miley Cyrus just announced that she’s done touring; why exhaust her talents if it feels inauthentic? This is a moment to explore and affirm what you like to do, and what form you wish to take. Leo may want you to lock it down, but the infusion of Gemini’s ephemerality inspires healthy shapeshifting. We can’t wait to see what form you’ve chosen by summer’s end.

If Taurus represents worth, and Gemini discourse, then Cancer is the sign of direction. On June 21, the sun enters the crab’s domain, officially launching the summer season. All this uncertainty, negotiation and reinvention will prepare you to respawn for a whole new adventure. It’s going to be hot, and certainly unhinged. Ready your chariot now to ride out of Egypt, through the Nile, and into an ecstatic unknown.

Though horoscopes apply to sun signs, we advise that you read the horoscope based on your rising.


Last month called for a home beautification. Now that you’ve cleaned your desk and scrubbed your kitchen, you can send out invitations for the Spice orgy. Venus joins Mars in Leo on June 5, in your fifth house of creative expression, pleasure and experience. Later in the summer, retrogrades in this area will force review, revision, and rethinking. But not yet. Take the June 3 Sagittarius full moon, in your ninth house of expanding horizons, to throw your first wild night. Then, the Gemini new moon on the 18th invites you to plan out all the parties and projects you want to pursue this summer. Between eclipses, retrogrades, and revelations, you have this chance to have a good time. Start from home base and see where it leads you.


Much has been said about your spectacular summer (and year) to come, now that Jupiter has entered your home sign. And indeed, with the planet of expansion hitting the north node on June 1, we’re officially off to the races. But with Jupiter and Uranus in your first house, the liberatory charges of the summer can feel overpowering, driving you into states of mania and hyper-stimulation. Your assignment, then, is to select your beach tent, cabaret stage, or apartment balcony, and stay put. With Venus and Mars in Leo, in your fourth house of home, you’re best served rooting down, and not running around. Keep it simple, so that opportunities can find you.


On June 11, Mercury joins the sun in Gemini, doubling your clarity, consciousness and immediate sense of embodiment. But, as the archetypes of voice (Mercury) and vitality (Sol) pass through your home domain, they square, or challenge, Saturn (limits) and Neptune (delusions), in Pisces, in your 10th house of career and public glory. We know that Gemini season lights up all your talents, and makes you want to be everywhere, expressing yourself in a different way every night. The question which faces you is this: where does the present moment diverge from the big picture? Are obligations and expectations holding you back from living in the moment, or, conversely, have you spread yourself too thin and lost the point? You’re no stranger to duality; keep the instant and the grand mosaic in balance, and you’ll reap all the benefits which await you.


On June 5, Venus joins Mars and Lilith in Leo, in your second house of earning and self-worth. The sun enters Cancer on June 21, bringing clarity and confidence. Then, on the 22nd, the asteroid Juno — known also as Hera, queen of Olympus — enters your home sign, followed by Mercury on the 26th. When it comes to stating your worth, and getting what’s yours (even if it’s bloody revenge you’re after), Lilith, Mars and Juno are not to be f*cked with. Now’s the time to make big demands, risk utter humiliation, and refuse to compromise. It’s likely that the book deal, rehearsal dinner, or cult gathering will be a source of tension and negotiation for months to come. All the more reason to go in strong, now, while you have the firepower.


Venus joins Mars (and Lilith) in your home sign on June 5, launching a fully-embodied, sexually crackling summer. You should be dating, performing, and putting yourself out there. Of course, the threat to any Leo-dominant chart is myopia: sometimes, you decide what you do well, and can’t consider what else is possible. As Venus and Mars cruise through your first house of intrinsic identity, they’ll square Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (liberation) in Taurus, in your 10th house of career. It’s likely that the call going out for you is much bigger than you ever considered, and threatens to shake your limited sense of identity to the core. This is a good problem to have. Every bump or clash in your career life is an invitation, a chance to consider a bigger vision for yourself. Even if it filters in slowly, you owe it to yourself to see what’s out there for you.


The arrival of Mercury in Gemini on June 11, and the Gemini new moon on the 18th, blow up your 10th house of career and grand ambition. The surge continues. But planetary progress in Gemini, in your 10th house, brings questions and challenges from Pisces, in your seventh house of relationships. Your career progress should make you question the state of your relationships. Now is a critical moment to examine your collaborations, partnerships and even travel plans. Who do you want to roll with this summer? Who is dimming your brightness? This journey could take you into the underworld, forcing you to face dark truths about what you want, and what shadows emerge in your relationship life. Face it now, so that you can ride to glory with your chosen ones.


Just as Cancer season begins on June 21, lighting up your 10th house of career glory, the asteroid Ceres — a.k.a. Demeter — enters your home sign. Ceres rules the seasons: her pleasure inspires a harvest; her wrath unleashes an endless winter. With the great goddess in your home sign, you’re challenged to cultivate balance: public versus private, giving and receiving, introvert versus extrovert. Right now, with Venus and Mars in Leo, in your 11th house of audience, and the activation of Cancer, you’re exposed, adored, and loving it. You’ll have to fine-tune your limits on the go, then. Which roles make you uncomfortable, and where do you draw the line? What do you want to give, and receive, from this moment of high visibility? If your lines get crossed, you better show the world that you mean business.


On June 5, Venus joins Mars (and Lilith) in Leo, in your 10th house of career and public glory. You’re fully living the mission, the plan, the performance; you feel ready to take the stage and emerge into the spotlight. As Venus and Mars cruise through your career arena, they square Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (change), in Taurus, in your seventh house of relational visibility. New friends, lovers, and collaborators are coming into your life. How do they see you and what you do, and how does that differ from the viewpoint of the regular degulars? Leo is a sign of extreme myopia; let new eyes expand your perspective for what’s possible in your career.


An excellent time for adventure, kicked off with the Sagittarius full moon on June 3. With Venus and Mars in Leo, in your ninth house of travel and expanding horizons, you’ll feel best embodied on a train, plane, or catamaran. Gemini season activates your seventh house of relationships, in confrontation with Pisces, in your fourth house of home and rootedness. As you voyage into the world, take your inner circle with you. See how they do in the wild, who isn’t fit to share the open road with you, and who you want to return home with. With Saturn in Pisces from 2023–2025, your idea of home is going through a grand renovation. By leaving and returning, you’ll understand how far you’ve come, what lies ahead, and what kind of relationships you want to fill your life with — out in the open, and back at the ranch.


June presses seemingly every button in your domains of romance, relationships, and the carnal. On the 5th, Venus joins Mars and Lilith in Leo, in your eighth house of sexuality, roles, and shadow play. The Gemini new moon opens new doors in your sixth house of the body and boundaries. The advent of Cancer season, on the 21st, kicks up your seventh house of others. After a long winter of reflection and inner renovation, it’s time to collect data out in the field. Be curious about how your needs have shifted; where you’re looking to receive in the bedroom in ways you previously haven’t; and which dark, unseen, abstract elements are seeking to express themselves through your sexuality. This is only the beginning of a wild makeover. No time like the present to dip your toes in.


Miracles, adventures, and trials await you in your relationship arena this summer. We know that starting in July, the fated Venus retrograde in Leo will rock your seventh house of relationships, but before the opera begins, we must assemble our cast of characters. The Sagittarius full moon on June 3 lights up your 11th house of public life and good times. Then, the Gemini new moon inspires new beginnings in your fifth house of pleasure and romance. Your assignment, then, is to launch out, to make yourself uncomfortable, and to recruit new lovers, compatriots, and co-creators into the picture. This all sounds lovely, but in practice will require you to work your boundaries in the wild. Can you bring new people into your life while respecting all the ways you’ve changed, and not compromising yourself? Whether they’re decimating or intoxicating, it’s people who will pull you out of isolation. Figure out how to enjoy them.


On June 17, Saturn begins its long retrograde in your home sign, not resuming direct course until November. You’ve made explosive progress these last few months, and now we have time to integrate. Fortunately, you get a break from journaling and crying in the dark, with Venus and Mars now in Leo, in your fifth house of pleasure, romance, and fun. Last month, you worked to clear out your home. This month, invite your friends over and stay up too late. Start a punishing new pilates class. Go on a date with someone you’d actually want to make out with. That you have a lot of processing to do is certain. But sometimes the best way to get the juices flowing…is to get the juices flowing.

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