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    by · February 20, 2016

    Photographed by Kamel Lahmadi.

    Another New York Fashion Week has come and it has gone. Up until the very end, the weather was mischevious and bitter. That, however, didn’t stop the street style stars from turning out A+ looks. It also didn’t stop us from braving the elements to capture outfits we’ll be referencing for months to come. Winter fashion doesn’t mean looking like a puffy cloud—unless that puffy cloud is a faux fur jacket dyed a lovely pastel. Sure, there are some street style moments that caused us to scratch our heads (who wears heels in the snow?), but those risks kept it interesting. If only we asked some of the folks draping their coats how they managed to keep them from flying off their backs in the wind. (There are sleeves for a reason!) Oh well, next season. For now, let’s look back at the best of the best street style snaps from Fall/Winter 2016. There are gems to be found here. Just keep clicking.This Way For More New York Fashion Week Street Style:Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay Five
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