Dua Lipa in royal aesthetic dress with a bow on top of her head.


15 Beauty Essentials to Complete Your Royalcore Aesthetic

Only the best for a queen.

It’s remarkable how TikTok has catapulted some of 2021’s hottest trends. From cabincore to dark academia (to light academia, for that matter), TikTok has brought us some of the most out-of-the-box, hyper-specific fashion and beauty trends. Of course, there’s something for everyone’s personal preference, but to inspire our fall and winter beauty looks, the trending favorite is royalcore, also referred to as Regencycore or princesscore. No matter what you call it, this internet aesthetic is for those who crave opulence and romance in their everyday life. For beauty lovers that includes making their everyday routines feel lavish with products in luxe packaging, rich pigments, or that generally make you feel like royalty.

If you’re having Bridgerton withdrawal waiting for season 2 or are very eager to see the new Princess Diana movie Spencer later this fall, then the royalcore aesthetic will be just what you need to hold you over. The trend has reached over 147 million views on TikTok alone and has slowly made its way into influencing an everyday vibe. Consider princess less of a title, and more of an attitude. Think Dua Lipa’s look in the the “Demeanor” music video or Halsey’s new album as your inspiration.

Up ahead, we gathered 15 luxurious royalcore makeup essentials from the best blushes, to the chicest shadows, to the most aristocratic skincare that look as sumptuous as they feel.

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Lustrous Foil Shadow
Ulta Beauty

We’re calling in now, gold foil makeup is going to be a big fall 2021 trend. This works as an easy eyeshadow topper to gild your lids.