NYLON February 2024 Horoscopes By David Odyssey


Your February 2024 Horoscope Offers A Chance At Closure

Aquarius, a Pisces cazimi, lessons from Saturn, and more.

Dating before the days of the golden calf, the earth sign Taurus has always been the sign of the god incarnate. And so, when Jupiter hit the bull’s sign in 1928, a new idol emerged. They called him Mickey Mouse. Nearly a century later, midway through another Jupiter in Taurus era, Mickey entered the public domain. One of the most recognizable monoliths of the corporate age is now free to be bent, broken, and put back together, as you like it. Taurus is ruled by Venus, and when it comes to icons for worship, Mickey’s got nothing on Barbie. The movie about a plastic idol becoming a real woman is now eligible to win a golden statue. Margot Robbie walked away from Barbie with a $50 million paycheck, as star and executive producer. But she was denied an Oscar nomination — and so continues the discourse.

We have indeed entered the Age of Aquarius, a utopian (or utilitarian) epoch of vaulted ideals and augmented realities. And yet, as evinced by the presence of Jupiter in Taurus, we’re not quite ready to leave behind this mortal dimension. Plastic, gold, stars, symbols, brands, bodies: It’s all still very real to us. Institutions matter. These dominating forces aren’t going anywhere any time soon. We can’t wash our hands of them. But what happens when a feminist director takes on a ubiquitous symbol of girlhood?

This month, Mercury, Mars, and Venus make their way into Aquarius to square Jupiter in Taurus. The air sign is all about hacking the system — and having fun while you’re at it. Why not remake Mickey Mouse into something meaningful to you? With Mars and Venus in the water bearer’s domain, and a new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 9, you’re invited to play. It’s not on you to fix the world or surgically remove any problematic aspect of your life. Instead, take everything from your style to those apocalyptic catastrophes weighing you down, put them through a synthesizer, and collage them into something new.

On Feb. 19, the sun enters Pisces, the final sign of the zodiac, to close out the winter before starting a new cycle. On Feb. 28, the sun and Mercury cazimi Saturn in Pisces, marking a definitive moment of synthesis and closure. Like it or not, the wheel keeps on turning. Honor all that you are and all the sh*t that’s gone down until this moment. Make it into art, hang it on the wall, and give it a nod before you walk out the door.

Opposing Pisces is Virgo, the sign that ends the summer. Six months ago, it was back-to-school season and time to get our act together for the fall ahead. Come Feb. 24, a full snow moon in Virgo hits us with a pang of excitement, daring us to look forward again. Virgo isn’t known for blind optimism, but for negotiating the complexities of the present to ensure a positive outcome. Aquarius is said to be the sign of Prometheus, the titan who gave fire to mortals. It’s not for us to topple the gods or wait for a perfect world order to arrive. But we can edit, interpret, and reimagine. You’re not only a consumer, but a creator. You have the power to make new meaning out of old symbols, to bring plastic to life. How would you like to shape reality?

Though horoscopes apply to sun signs, we suggest reading those for your rising, too.



From 2023 through early 2025, the north node is in your home sign. We need your confidence and unique point of view to cut through the bullsh*t and bring us to life. You’re destined to lead. Come Feb. 19, the asteroid Chiron passes over the north node in Aries. Chiron was a centaur, a son of Saturn, who taught the Greek heroes the medicinal arts. As the ice thaws and you near your Aries season rebirth, consider all that you’ve healed and integrated over this long winter. You’re no longer an upstart or a rebel, but a wise master. What hard lessons have you learned and what do you have to teach us? There’s no need to prove yourself when you can naturally embody all you’ve lived through.


Since May, Jupiter has been in your home sign, validating the choices you make for yourself. Trust what’s right for you, without compromising, and you’ll be rewarded. So what happens when all the personal planets move through Aquarius, the sign of compromise for the collective, in your 10th house of career and public life? You’re being called to honor yourself while serving something bigger. To emerge as a leader, you’ll have to learn to welcome advice without sacrificing your point of view. New opportunities await you, if you can look beyond your usual limits.


This month’s full moon on Feb. 24 is known as the Hunger Moon. Lit by the sun in Pisces, in your 10th house of ambitions, this moon goes down in Virgo, in your fourth house of roots and essential drives. Something primordial is awakening from the molten core of your chart. Indeed, you’ve never been this hungry. It will be terrifying stepping into your potential, your mastery, and your eagerness for world domination. Make room for those inner parts that aren’t ready to scale the summit. Do whatever you need to feel grounded and cared for so you can fire at your dreams with all that you’ve got.


Perhaps, in the past, it felt hard to look forward, to gasp for air when you were still in the eye of the hurricane. But something’s shifting, helping you plan ahead with optimism. On Feb. 19, the sun enters Pisces, in your ninth house of spiritual growth and expanding horizons. That same day, the asteroid Chiron hits the north node, in Aries, in your 10th house of ambition. With some necessary mourning for time lost and for all those who won’t be joining you, you’re ready to take your higher power by the hand and pop off into the future. For the first two weeks of the month, Mars and Venus are still hanging and banging in Capricorn, in your seventh house of others. If you’re really stepping through the portal, now’s the time to recruit your fellow travelers. Show up to every date and encounter with optimism and few expectations. Who knows what role these new lights will play in your future?


This month, the lovers Mars and Venus hit Aquarius, in your seventh house of others, just as the sun and Mercury enter Pisces, in your eighth house of unions and partnerships. While in Aquarius, the planets will square Taurus, in your 10th house of grand ambitions. As you look ahead on all that’s possible in 2024, consider the role your relationships play. Where are you going and who do you need to take you there? They say that when the student is ready, the master appears. It’s time to declare whom you’re seeking it out: a mentor? A soulmate? A one-night stand that will ignite your self-esteem? For those relationships which are already established — from engagements to creative partnerships — what’s the plan for the year ahead? What are your agreements? How can you best honor one another moving forward? Now’s the time to bring relationships into the business so you can rule the world together.


This month, Venus and Mars arrive in Aquarius, in your sixth house of the body and boundaries. From the superficial to the psychedelic, how do you want to be living? Now’s the time to radically rethink everything from your work schedule to your workout routine. As the sun and Mercury join Saturn in Pisces, in your seventh house of others, they introduce you to the teachers and collaborators who can make your fully embodied lifestyle a reality. Consider the full moon in Virgo on Feb. 24 to be an unshakable declaration of your uniqueness. Who helped you get here and what changes did you make to bring them into your life? Consider the space you’ve opened up in your relationship life. It was worth it, wasn’t it?


Last month’s Capricorn firestorm hit your fourth house of home and roots, forcing necessary, albeit difficult, conversations with your family. Now that you’ve returned from the underworld, it’s time to shake off the limits of the past. Pisces season illuminates your sixth house of boundaries, where Saturn awaits the transiting planets. Even if you’re free from your old restrictions, how are you still holding yourself back? On Feb. 28, a full moon in Virgo, in your 12th house of unprocessed wounds, reveals the demons you still answer to. It’s time to face whatever inner authority still terrorizes you, step into the mansion à la Sidney Prescott in Scream 3, and take back control of your life.


Pluto is now in Aquarius, in your fourth house of home and roots. In your Pluto in Aquarius horoscopes, we foretold a karmic odyssey through your ancestry, yielding revelations and gifts from the highest reaches of your family tree. The voyage begins now, as Mercury, Mars, and Venus cross through Pluto’s gates in your fourth house. Make space this month for dinnertime conversations with your favorite aunt and even a few movie nights with your childhood VHS favorites. Something deep is getting worked out. We know that Jupiter is still banging on in Taurus, in your seventh house of others, recruiting new people into your life. Invite guides and friends to help make sense of all you’re processing. This is one hell of a journey you’re about to undertake. Why go through it alone?


It hasn’t even been a year since Saturn entered Pisces, in your fourth house of home and family, but the transformation has been definitive. Saturn is rooting you down to the earth — be it through a rediscovery of your lineage, a reconciliation with your family of origin, or the development of a base of operations here on terra firma. Now, they begin to take form in your daily life and relationships. On Feb. 24, the sun in Pisces lights up a full moon in Virgo, in your 10th house of career and ambitions, connecting your pie-in-the-sky dreams to the firmament of your reality. And on the 28th, a sun-Mercury-Saturn cazimi brings all this redefinition to the surface. Accept what’s shifted and embrace it. The changes have begun to set in stone.


The new year’s momentum shows no sign of slowing, as Mars and Venus go hard in your home sign for the first two weeks of the month. Now is the time for tangible and finite action with some much-needed fuel for your spiritual arsenal. On Feb. 19, the healing asteroid Chiron hits the north node, in Aries, in your fourth house of home and family. Then, on the 28th, a full moon in Virgo illuminates your ninth house of spiritual expansion. To make this a sustained year of growth and possibility, it’s time to fill your cup. Make a full moon altar in your living room and list everything you’re grateful for at bedtime. Power this propulsion with something other than caffeine and ambition so it doesn’t burn out.


This isn’t your usual Aquarius season. Now that Pluto’s set up shop in your home sign, the planets crossing through Aquarius will have to undergo individual rebirth cycles. As Mercury, Venus, and Mars enter your sign this month with action and inspiration, they’ll cross the Plutonian netherworld. Sometimes, our brightest moments come with a little grief. That’s OK. Learn how to dance with a multitude of feelings. This is not the time to lose step. With a new moon in Aquarius on Feb. 9, and a spectacular Venus-Mars conjunction on the 22nd, it’s a bold new beginning. Feel it all and let it move through you.


You may find yourself acting against your best interest during the first two weeks of the month. As planets move through Aquarius, in your 12th house of the unprocessed, they square Taurus, in your second house of earning and self-worth. If you find yourself blacking out at 3 a.m. and spending $400 on non-refundable lingerie or texting your ex, go easy on yourself. Some part of you needs to put back in the oven for a little more baking. Pay attention to where you’re crying out for help, because the lights come on Feb. 19 with the advent of Pisces season. The sun will cazimi both Mercury and Saturn on the 28th for a rare and triumphant moment of clarity and action. You’ll be grateful for the time you took to work through the shadows.