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Kim Kardashian Appears To Be Copying Kourtney With Her New Haircut

She just debuted a rocker chic lob.

After committing to a dramatic bleach job for this year’s Met Gala, Kim Kardashian has been enjoying her new platinum blonde hair for almost two months now. She’s been posting dreamy vacation pics and even convinced her boyfriend Pete Davidson to jump on the blonde train, debuting their codependent hairdos on Instagram last month. Now, she’s updated her hair once again— this time opting for a chic lob for summer. But don’t worry, she still kept her icy blonde hair color (as has Pete).

Kim was spotted with the new haircut this morning while walking out of a hotel in midtown Manhattan. For the reveal, she wore a simple cropped white tee shirt and black sunglasses with her Balenciaga shoe-pants and crystal-covered bag. The blunt hair length sits right on her shoulders, a much shorter style than her beachy, wavy vacation hair last week. Now, back to work promoting the drop of her new skin care line, SKKN By Kim, the mogul is now sporting a more serious hairstyle, with her new lob sleek and straight with slightly curled under ends.

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Kim’s haircut is not only the perfect length for the sweatier months of the year, but it also is very reminiscent of her sister Kourtney’s lob, which she cut soon after starting to date her now-husband Travis Barker. At the time, Kourtney’s chin-length ’do was swiftly approved by him. “You’re perfect,” he commented on the post. The month prior, Kourtney let him trim her hair while in a 10-day lockdown. Now, the shorter, edgier style has become the eldest Kardashian’s signature look as the part of her style which coordinates especially well with her tattooed-rockstar girlfriend (now wife) image.

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We don’t know what it is about the Kardashians, but it seems new relationships inspire them to reach for the bleach and scissors. Taking inspiration from her sister Kourtney, Kim’s new hair is the official length for summer (regardless of relationship status). With Kourtney keeping her now even shorter hair for months, time will tell if Kim is as committed to the short, rocker chic look. Either way, the sisters are proving that both blondes and brunettes have just as much fun as long as there’s a lob cut involved.