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Rihanna Is Ready To Serve Up Her Own Caribbean Cookbook

It's the closest thing we're getting to that long-rumored reggae album for the time being.

It's been several years since Rihanna first shared information about her plans to record a reggae/dancehall album. So far, there have been pictures of her working on it in a studio and updates about what we can expect from it, including that it will be "fun" since everything else around us is so "heavy" right now. But alas, not a peep has been released about when we can expect that album. In the meantime, the artist born Robyn Fenty has been steadily releasing everything from new powder foundations through her Fenty Beauty makeup line, facial products through her Fenty Skin skincare line, men's underwear through her Savage x Fenty lingerie line, and even some business casual fashion through her LVMH-sponsored FENTY luxury clothing brand. And now, before we've heard even a peep about new music, Rihanna is already talking about her next venture: a cookbook "full of her favorite Caribbean recipes."

The cat jumped out the bag in a new feature with Closer, where the everywoman talked about what she's been up to during this past year of pandemic-influenced lockdown. Talking to the the UK-based publication about what she's been up to over these past nine or so months, Rihanna shared that she's been doing a lot of the same things the rest of us non-multi-millionaires have been doing: "watch[ing] an entire box set in a day, cook[ing], go[ing] for walk." Explaining that she always loves to do relaxing things, Rihanna admitted that her busy work schedule usually prevents her from settling down to engage in these more leisurely activities.

“At first it was strange because I am not used to being still. But during quarantine, you have no choice but to be still," she said. "Then you start to realize during lockdown you are stuck there with your own thoughts and your imagination and it really helped my creativity blossom.” After all, as she said, "It’s important we do little things we enjoy and are kind to ourselves."

But it was what this leisure time eventually inspired that's truly exciting. After spending so much time in the kitchen, the 32-year-old realized that she wanted to make a cookbook filled with the recipes she had been whipping up by herself. "[I] love food from my Barbadian roots and eat a lot of fresh fish,” she told Closer. Though she didn't reveal exactly what we could expect from her upcoming publishing venture, she did hint at some cultural comfort food recipes, such as “mac ’n’ cheese, Shepherd’s pie, and rum punch."

Well, if we won't be getting that long-rumored reggae album anytime soon, I guess a Caribbean cookbook is the next best thing? Eat your heart out, Alison Roman.