Alyssa Vingan
Alyssa Vingan is the editor-in-chief of NYLON, and helped to lead the relaunch of the brand in April 2020. She oversees a full team of editors and writers covering fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, and culture — as well as how they all intersect. With over a decade of experience of working on the internet, Alyssa is extremely online and on a constant quest to discover the next big thing. Prior to arriving at NYLON, Alyssa was the editor-in-chief of the fashion news website Fashionista, where she worked for six years. Aside from reporting on the state of the fashion and beauty industries in the digital age, she covered fashion shows all over the globe, from Paris and Milan to Sydney and Copenhagen. Her bylines have also appeared in Paper, Marie Claire, Elle, and StyleCaster. Contact Alyssa at, or follow her on both Twitter and Instagram at @alyssavingan.

Alyssa Vingan

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