Goth Nail Ideas That Are Better Than Just Black

Move over cottagecore.

While the soft, flowery cottagecore look has been the reigning aesthetic all over our feeds recently, it’s now time to make room for its dark counter—gothic fashion. The returning look is why Selena Gomez wore fishnet tights and a black graphic tee on the cover of Elle USA, and why its officially enviable to have a goth rock boyfriend (we’re looking at you, Kourtney Kardashian). Many of us have started reaching back into the closets for anything and everything black. Whether this makes you grab for your platform boots or black kohl eyeliner, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the goth revival. In fact, searches for “goth fashion” have already increased by 21% year on year, according to Jewellrybox.

One of the easiest and most impactful ways to transition your wardrobe to the dark side is to dip your toe (or more literally your finger) into gothic nail art. With the hashtag #GothNails already trending on TikTok—with over 10 million views so far—there are countless creative ideas, just in time for Halloween, and beyond. Keep reading below to check out the coolest gothic nail art designs of the season. Just remember, goth style is all about breaking the mold, so it’s the perfect way to try out something new.

Black Ombre

When you think of gothic nails, you naturally think of black, which truthfully makes total sense. For a slight twist, opt for a simple black ombre polish like this vampire translucent french tip to instantly turn any outfit you’re wearing into one that would be Mistress of the Dark-approved.

Dragon Nails

Add some scaly texture or an intricate gold foil dragon pattern to your black manicure and you now have dragon nails. It’s a more unique way to jump on the animal print nail trend by mimicking an animal that’s entirely fictional.

Coffin Shape

This shape was already trending but it goes especially well with a goth manicure. (Cue the vampire puns.) Whether you’re looking for a spooky Halloween manicure or not, this shape isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s edgy all year-round.

Vampire Nails

There’s little surprise that people are drawing inspiration from vampires and witches, with all things magic trending on social media. In fact, the witchy aesthetic already has nearly 20 billion views on TikTok under the popular hashtag #WitchTok. Some people are opting for a red base to achieve a blood-inspired manicure. The end result looks cuter than it sounds, we promise. It’s like ombre, but a little more gruesome.