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Everyone Tried To Cut Their Hair At Home In 2020, According To Google

The year of the DIY stylist.

2020 was no ordinary year, and with the shuttering of many salons and beauty retailers, it appears that everyone had to get little creative with their routines. As the year comes to a close, Google has released its top trending beauty searches for 2020, and the results are filled with queries for DIY styles, a look popularized by Ariana Grande, and questions on many skincare ingredients.

There was a point this year when many had contemplated acting as their own hairstylist. And based on the top beauty how to's searched on Google in 2020, Bella Hadid and Rosaliá weren't the only ones giving their bangs a trim. Along with searches for how to cut men's hair at home, and how to cut women's hair, many were Googling how to trim your own hair.

Hair how to's were a popular Google search this year, with others hitting the search button on how to plop hair, how to color your hair at home, how to do knotless braids, how to fade hair, and how to style curtain bangs.

Although hair was a popular search topic, the top list of how to's also included searches for how to wash your hands and how to derma-plane.

The usage of masks temporarily derailed 2020's plans for heavy lipstick usage and intricate beauty routines, but skincare remained as popular as ever. Google's top searches on skincare in 2020 included questions on how to build a skincare routine, how to get rid of acne, and what does hyaluronic acid do.

Additional skincare searches also reflected an increased interest in understanding ingredients. Many were interested in the skin impacts of vitamin c, niacinamide, and lactic acid. Others were focused on products, inquiring about the impact of toner and serums.

Fans of all things beauty will have to wait and see whether skincare reigns supreme in 2021, but experts are already predicting a big year for color, especially when it comes to manicures.