8 Ideas For Creating Fresh Fashion Content On TikTok

From DIY tricks to themed outfit ideas, these videos are bound to get you noticed on the FYP.

by Sarah Fielding and Claire Fox
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There once was a time, not too long ago, where someone looking to get fashion advice would have to wait for a monthly magazine to arrive in the mail. Now, thanks to the internet and social media, accessible fashion content is available almost instantly and — here's the really amazing thing — anyone can be a part of creating it. If you're a fashion-minded person, you’ve likely started exploring content creation through Instagram and Pinterest, but lately TikTok has become a source for fashion-focused ideas. The social media platform is starting to build its own roster of homegrown fashion influencers, too, and has even sent creators to New York Fashion Week to cover the shows for viewers.

Existing completely in video form, TikTok provides the opportunity to more aptly show your personality and the way clothing moves versus an image stuck in time. Plus, the beauty of the app is that there's no need to curate heavily edited, perfect-looking content. Each post created is real and relatable to viewers, an especially important aspect for anyone seeking accessible guides to up their fashion game.

For creator Andie Johnston (@andoej), making fashion TikToks in her hometown of Alberta, Canada started off as a hobby, but it quickly transitioned into a full-time affair as her pop culture-influenced style videos went viral on the For You Page (FYP), all from the confines of her 600-square-foot apartment. The beauty of TikTok, she says, is that there are no location or technology barriers when it comes to blowing up. “You don't need to be in New York, you don't need to be in Toronto or L.A., or any of those places,” Johnston says. “You can be like me and this random province in Canada, and because of that, the value of the content is in a different space, like for mine, of course my outfits and style and fashion is part of it, but I have way more fun with the creative side.”

Likewise, TikToker Joe Floww (@joefloww_) makes his fashion forward videos from St. Louis, Missouri, and he has even been known to film his solo shoots by taping a tripod to a skateboard for some insanely cool moving shots to catch his groovy runway walk. “I'm not in L.A. or New York, you know, I'm in the middle of America, and I'm still able to do it,” Floww says. “So if I can do it, anybody can relate, right? Just have a little bit of creativity and you're good.”

If you're a fashion creator who's new to the platform or just looking to expand your style knowledge, below are eight viral TikTok video ideas to use for fashion content to get started, vetted by successful TikTok fashion creators. From DIY tricks to styling tips, these video ideas are bound to show up on the FYP.


One of the most popular TikTok videos from fashion creators is all about picking an item of clothing from your closet and then demonstrating a series of ways to style it. Choosing something like a blazer or mom jeans that a lot of people are likely to have in their closets can help you reach a wider audience. And it's best to stay true to your own personal fashion sense and feature pieces that you like to wear, so followers with a similar style will likely find you.

For Johnston, being raised in a culturally Western city, cowboy boots have long been a part of her life — getting her first pair for her 10th birthday — so devoting a video or two to styling her vast collection of cowboy boots only made sense. “When I make videos about styling them, it's very authentic,” says Johnston. “And I think doing these videos, where you style specific items, is a great place to start because it's simple: It doesn't require too much thought to it, yet you can kind of emphasize it around trends that are going on while embracing what you already have in your wardrobe.”


When it comes to generating TikTok content ideas, sometimes it’s best to look at what other’s have already worn. It's no secret that celebrity style is often far outside of most people's price range, so this type of TikTok video is an amazing way to make these high-end outfits accessible to your viewers. For Johnston, it’s where she began her TikTok journey.

“I literally started from a place of dressing like a Harry Styles album for my videos, and it's a great place to start, because it has an interest right away and it's good for pop culture and reaching specific audiences, but also really fun,” says Johnston. “What I love about these videos is that everyone does their version with an array of body types and styles that mix in with them — it makes them interesting.”

Try not to get caught up in making each piece an exact replica of the outfit, and focus instead on projecting the overall vibe of the look with key pieces. Pick celebrities with a style similar to yours so you can easily use the items in your closet, or go way outside of your comfort zone, and replicate an outfit that's nothing like what you normally wear.


Shopping haul videos have been around for some time, usually taking the form of long-winded recaps on YouTube. Thanks to TikTok, this type of content is getting a revamp with quick transitions and short captions. Plus, most of these hauls are from thrift stores or vintage shops. “When I do my thrift hauls, even if I don’t find a hidden gem, I incorporate that piece into my own wardrobe and make it what I want it to be,” says Floww. “Also, to see people when they do get some good finds or they make an outfit that looks really good, and you find out that it was only like $5, it’s so cool — I love it.”

While laying out all of your recent purchases works fine, try using TikTok's editing features to quickly jump between cuts of you wearing your new pieces. This gives people a better sense of what they really look like and how you would style them.


Utilizing the expansive array of music and sounds that TikTok has to offer can not only offer a way to increase your chances of ending up on someone’s FYP and going viral, but it can also be a source of inspiration for your fashion video.

For Floww, music is one of the driving forces that influences his creative thought processes, as he first became interested in fashion while he pursued dance. “I think that music goes hand in hand with the outfit styling videos,” says Floww. “Mainly when I'm scrolling through TikTok, I'm looking for the right audio to use, because normally the audio will determine the kind of outfit and kind of set the vibe and tone for the rest of the video. Once I find a cool audio, and it has maybe ‘70s flair to it, I’ll make a more ‘70s outfit.” When the music fits just right, Floww finds himself thinking of what kind of movements highlight his outfits in the best way and what character he can play while he’s in this outfit to fit an overarching aesthetic.

Not to mention, using viral sounds is one of the best ways to get views on your TikToks. “Hopping on songs that are trending is like the best thing to do when making style videos, because it's just another way to get your foot actually in the For You Page,” Floww explains “Once you're using that sound, people might want to watch your video since they've already been hearing the song all day, and if someone was looking at videos are under that audio, they might scroll to yours.”


If you haven't gone shopping in a while or simply want to highlight the clothes you already have, video lookbooks have helped fuel some fashion inspiration on TikTok. Pick a theme, such as '70s-era style or songs from Oliva Rodrigo’s Sour, and go all out. Not only is it a fun way to look at your clothes in a new way, but it's also an amazing way to connect with viewers looking to explore fresh styles of dressing.

One of Johnston’s recurring and most popular TikTok segments is “Dressing for Really Specific Events That Will Never Happen to Me (But Would Be Fun to Get Ready For).” With her signature flair of pop culture references and humor, she puts together outfits that include meeting the girls at Nobu Malibu (even though she doesn’t eat fish), taking pics with Emma Chamberlain because her phone dies, hiking up a small hill with the Kardashians, and so on. “It actually all started because I had this jumpsuit thing — a ridiculous jumpsuit — and I always joked that I would wear this if I divorced a billionaire,” says Johnston. “And so I had this concept in my brain, and I was like, ‘Well, why not?’ I have so many outfits that I could relate to something specific like that. Life doesn't have to be so realistic, right?”


Now only do fashion DIY videos show off your artistic skills, but they can help viewers tailor their items to fit their style with a unique flare. Whether it's customizing an item or revamping an entire garment after a trip to the art-and-crafts store, it's all about exhibiting your creativity.

This can include anything from painting a pair of shoes to bedazzling a jacket. Try to show the process from beginning to end and provide tips on how to replicate it. “I love watching DIY videos, like sewing videos — even though I never sew,” says Floww. “I also really like when people just cut crop tops, or maybe bleach their clothes or turn their outfit into something totally new. That's amazing because it's being creative — you're just creating something out of what you already have.”


There's something truly captivating about watching someone put together an outfit from beginning to end or simply show off their outfit of the day (#OOTD). As simple as it is, creating TikTok outfit ideas is one of the most effective ways to get started. “These kinds of videos are successful because people can relate to them — it's very mundane, you know, just a fit check or outfit of the day,” Floww says. “It's not too crazy or needs a lot of effort: All you gotta do is just show your followers how your day is going and what you're wearing, because people can relate to that.” What’s most important is that you do you and embrace your own personal style.

To create this type of content, you can start in sweatpants or pajamas (the true start of any look) and flip to a new shot with each item added until your full look is complete. You could film a quick runway walking video outside or stitch some 360 shots of your fit from the inside of your bedroom — there are no wrong answers here. These sartorial montages might soon become your signature source of fashion content.


Aside from all of the amazing outfit ideas, content on how to pose to show off said outfits has been steadily growing on TikTok. (Fit pics are still a big deal on Instagram, of course.) Whether in video form or through a slideshow of photos, this is a perfect opportunity to have your personality shine through.

Floww, a master at posing and offering posing advice, says teaching your viewers something is one of the most valuable TikTok content ideas. “People aren’t always watching fashion videos just because they’re aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes they want to learn information,” Floww says. “Teaching something is giving inspiration which ultimately helps you gain followers and gain a kind of presence on TikTok that’s about helping people with something instead of just being cool.”

Even with these ideas for how to achieve a viral fashion TikTok video, the most important thing to remember, according to the pros, is to focus on expressing and developing your own personal style. “The number one thing is just to be you — I know it's cliche — but when you are showing who you really are, that's how people are going to want to follow you or get to know you,” Floww says. “When you chase the lights and do what everyone else is doing and hop on trends, that's how you lose your individuality, but, you know, I feel like you gain respect when you stick to who you are and are into what you want to create, whether it be a trend or not.”

And in addition to that, remember why you wanted to explore making fashion focused TikToks in the first place and that it’s truly something for you to have fun with.“If you're still a little bit nervous, make your videos private, invite a couple friends to watch them, and just kind of get that confidence over time,”says Johnston. “No one thinks about you as much as they think they think they do, and so just be so open to try anything and learn what makes you happy.”

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