Olivia Rodrigo Songs As The Zodiac Signs


Which Olivia Rodrigo Song Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

In honor of "spicy Pisces" Olivia Rodrigo, we match up her songs to the 12 signs of the zodiac.

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It all ends with Pisces. As the last and oldest sign in the zodiac, the water sign is an amalgamation of all the lessons learned before it. To be a Pisces is to be empathic, compassionate, a little bit of a freak, and operating on a completely different frequency. Pisces feels it all, all the time; it’s not easy being the conduit for the universe’s poetry! But on the bright side, this translates into one seriously divine gift: profound and touching songwriting about love, loss, and longing. Nina Simone, Kurt Cobain, Rihanna, and Grimes have long held down the fish representation in music, and in 2021 the floodgates opened and threw a new voice into the mix — Olivia Rodrigo.

The teenage singer-songwriter and self-proclaimed “spicy Pisces” made her impact on music and culture at large not with a trickle, but with a straight up deluge. (In true water sign manner!) Her breakout hit “drivers license,” with its crisp, earnest adolescent longing dominated the charts and became a cross-generational hit. And then came SOUR, Rodrigo’s debut record that catapulted her from a momentary Disney starlet to a global sensation. As a songwriter, Rodrigo’s knack for distilling the emotional highs and lows of crushing hard and getting subsequently dropped on your ass is as Piscean as it gets. And in honor of her water sign impact, find out which Rodrigo song represents your zodiac sign, below.

Aries - “good 4 u”

As the baby of the zodiac, Aries dives headfirst into everything — including love. That same fiery energy holds true during the breakup process. An Aries will get their heart broken and then make everyone hate your guts, potentially with an earworm breakup anthem.

Taurus - “traitor”

Taurus is known for its loyalty as much as its stubbornness. It’s a huge positive, until you realize that the other side of being loyal is having an extremely broad understanding of what is or isn't a betrayal. A helpful list: saying they're wrong, forcing them into something, not cheating on them but breezily moving on, etc.

Gemini - “Out of the Old”

Despite what many an astrology meme page may try to tell you, Gemini is not two-faced. For the air sign, avoiding stagnation is the key to staying energized and excited about life. Taking in all sides of a situation is good communication! Gossip is simply a different type of information! “I can't stop dreamin', and thinkin' / Maybe I could be someone different” is what Gemini calls duality. Don’t get it twisted!

Cancer - “drivers license”

Crying in your car and seeing the face of the person you broke your heart in the stoplights. This, dear reader, is what Cancer culture is all about.

Leo - “deja vu”

Leo has some of the best qualities a person can have; this fire sign is charismatic, warm, passionate, and confident. They're also most likely to think that your next lover is a copycat of them. It happens!

Virgo - “1 step forward, 3 steps back”

The counter side of Virgo’s knack for the analytical is being a prisoner in their own mind. Second-guessing every move while striving for perfection is the crux of this earth sign’s lifelong headache, one where every accomplishment feels like comes with its own exquisite setback.

Libra - “happier”

Libra and social graces go hand in hand. In a post-breakup scenario, the air sign wants to remain dignified, damn it! In person they can act like they’re happy to be friends all they want, but that inner monologue is much closer to “I hope you're happy, but don't be happier.”

Scorpio - “favorite crime”

Scorpio is the ride-or-die of the zodiac. They’ll bury the body, ask no questions, and cover for you until you’re both buried in the ground. Unless, of course, you make the mistake and cross them. When Rodrigo sings about being a willing accomplice and an alibi, she’s singing about the core tenets of the Scorpio doctrine.

Sagittarius - “Wondering”

The Sagittarius glyph of the centaur shooting its bow and arrow represents this fire sign’s thirst for the ever-expanding horizon. Sagittarius is a full-time student of life — always learning, always growing, and always, always wondering what else is out there.

Capricorn - “jealousy, jealousy”

Capricorn wants it all — power, recognition, someone to cherish the ground they walk on — which may come with a crushing side of constant comparison. The earth sign may have a reputation for being above emotions, but even the cool, calm, and collected sea goat can be afflicted with something as banal jealousy from time to time.

Aquarius - “brutal”

Leave it to an Aquarius to hit you with the truth along with a side of angst. This air sign is always 10 steps ahead of you while also living a completely different reality in their own heads. God, it really is brutal out here.

Pisces - “enough for you”

Pisces love is a transcendent experience, one filled with euphoric highs and delusional lows. The water sign will do anything in the name of true love, sometimes to their own detriment. Cue “enough for you.”

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